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Tips for satisfactory replacement of damaged iPhone screen

If the display of your iPhone has cracked, it is best to avoid DIY methods of repairing it. Instead, get iPhone Repair done by experts. iPhones are technological marvels and can only do justice in repairing it.  A small example will make things more clear. It might appear that since the glass screen is cracked or broken, it will be just enough to replace the glass display. With iPhone screen repair, it is not the case because even though your phone might still be working with a damaged screen, unless it is completely smashed, the technology does not allow replacing the glass screen only. The glass screen is an amalgamation of two different elements – the screen on which images are displayed and known as LCD is bonded with the glass covering (digitizer) on the top. It means, when replacing the glass screen, you must replace the entire assembly.

Use screen protector

If you observe cracks in the screen, it will not affect the functioning of the phone, but the phone will lose its water resistant property. This puts the phone at risk and getting it repaired is the only solution. However, if you find it difficult to send the phone for repair due to time constraint, the good thing is to reduce the risks of water leaking into the phone by using a screen protector until you can get it repaired. The screen protector will prevent worsening of the damage. However, this does not work for screens damaged completely.

Points to check

Even after sending the phone for screen repair, unless you send it to Apple Care, there are a few points that you must emphasize with the repairer to ensure authentic spares are used, and the repairing is proper.  Here are a few things that you must ask them.

The quality of screen

The problem in repairing iPhone screen is that there are many fake products available in the market.   Although these might work initially, it would not last long as it is susceptible to damages. You will also face problems in getting the right size that leads to improper fitting and exposes the phone to the risks of water leaking into it. Moreover, the LCD accompanying the screen might fail after some time, rendering the phone unusable.  Go to an official repairer who can assure that these problems will not happen with the replacement screen.

Test the phone before taking delivery

To replace the screen of iPhone, the repairer will dismantle the phone completely and then fit it once again on the screen is replaced. This leaves a possibility of the phone not functioning properly after the repairing. To ensure that the phone works well after replacing the screen, ask the repairer to get it tested before delivery. It should not happen that a slight defect in assembling makes the repairing work ineffective.

Look for warranty coverage of the servicing done because reputed service centers offer a warranty on repairs.  Some even offer 12 months warranty that justifies the high cost of repairing.

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