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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Used iPad

In the era of certified refurbished Apple products being sold on Amazon and Apple’s official website, are you still drawn to a personalised ‘offer for sale’ message on Craigslist or any other local website?

That iPad Pro looks really cool at the offered price and you do feel, you can save yourself almost a bonus of your salary.

However, before you decide to buy the used iPad, you need to consider a few things:

The Right Way to Purchase the Used iPad

Is there a checklist to buying a used iPad the right way? No, there isn’t. However, if you are getting a fair deal and you don’t want the latest hardware, this is your go-to option. If you know your requirements and the actual need for buying an iPad in the first place, you’re halfway through. Go through the guidelines of buying an iPad and rest assured you’re quite sorted.

Also, if you know the signs of a great working apple device, you can now have it in a fraction of money, you would otherwise spend on a new iPad.

What is Your Seller’s Story?

What does the ‘offer for sale’ message reads like? If it talks about selling an iPad that belongs to a family member or worse an ex, buddy that’s a warning sign. You need to pull your sock up and heed to the warning. You do not want to get involved in any of the family dispute or revenge of the exes, you see.

iPad Activation Lock Status

Apple Inc., amongst many positives has one unique trait—blocking out stolen products completely out of the picture.

All you need is to ask your seller to share the serial number of the iPad they are selling and you can quickly check on the website if the product is stolen or missing. It is advisable to meet the seller at a Public place, preferably near an Apple store, so you can sort issues with the device if any and be positively sure of the device authenticity.

Protecting The Device

If everything goes well and you are ready to buy the device, do not forget to consider protecting your iPad from physical damage and enhance its aesthetics. You can upgrade the look of your iPad with Tablet Cases & Covers from Armourdog. They are pretty sturdy and comes with a guarantee of 2 years. Ensure your iPad’s long life and give it a 360 degrees makeover.

Get Your Seller to Reset the Device in Front of You

Ask your seller to reset the iPad in front of you. It will ensure two things, one the seller owns the device and it is not stolen. Resetting the device will need the seller to put in the cloud details. It is necessary as a process so that you are assured about not coming back with a locked device. Respect both, your time and your money.

Final Thoughts

If you are so sure of buying a used iPad, it is advisable to do so from either Amazon or Apple’s official website. It will not only guarantee authenticity but will give you a device almost as new. If not, then make sure to know when to back off from purchasing a piece of equipment that was perhaps in a bad condition or worse stolen.

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