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The Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Music Industry

In the world of transformation and advancement of technology, artificial intelligence is not a novel word which any individual has not heard. Growth of artificial intelligence can be seen by everyone in our day to day life and the same has made an impact on the sphere of life and every industry including but not limited to the music industry. Hence, artificial intelligence and not left music industry without any impact.

In this article we will understand the role of artificial intelligence in the music industry and how it can impact the music industry at large. Artificial intelligence discovers patterns and systematizes services and creates understandings and perceptions regarding the data. This further makes artificial intelligence more efficient. It is time that the music industry understands and accepts that artificial intelligence can modify the course of the music industry.

Artificial intelligence will reshape the music industry

The various analyst has stated that by 2030 approximately 70% of the companies would have adopted artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence technology will innovate and will insulate support to the music industry. Many people are realizing benefit of artificial intelligence in the music industry like Scott Cohen who realized the benefit of artificial intelligence and used the technology of the artificial industry. Further, unlike others, some have started of distribution of music online like youtube, amazon music, Spotify, ganna, wynk, etc.

One of the examples of Artificial Intelligence improving music industry is how Spotify uploads around 20,000 songs every day and artificial intelligence sorts the options and delivers recommendations to the listeners on the basis of their past played songs.

Creation of music by artificial intelligence

We can see that in 1951, a scientist recorded computer generated music using a machine which filled the almost entire floor of the lab in which he was generating the music. Due to recent technological development, we can compose music by artificial intelligence. We will first have to teach artificial intelligence by providing different composition of the musical pieces and it can analyze the same. Artificial intelligence learns the characteristics as well as patterns of creating music which could be liked by its listeners. It can compose novel music by combining various elements of music in innovative manner.

Many companies like Google are investing and working towards the creation of music through the use of artificial intelligence. However, the music industry needs to learn the technical skills to learn the use of artificial intelligence in the best way possible. Further, various artificial intelligence services like jukedeck and the damper music have been developed so that musicians can create their own master music pieces with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Mastering audio with artificial intelligence

Audio mastering means a process where music listening experience is optimized for a device. There are various services which provide musicians with an alternative mastering rather than human-based mastering which is comparatively costlier. One such example is LANDR which various musicians have used to master more than 10 million songs of 2 million musicians. Artificial intelligence makes the process of mastering to artists who for any reason are not able to master their music.

Discovery of new artist, marketing using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps listeners to discover new artists and expose their work to the world. Artificial intelligence determines the listeners who would enjoy listening to a new artist song on the basis of their past listing history. Further, you can use the technological advancement and artificial intelligence in marketing of a new song and artist, you don’t need to beg big music producers to market your music, artificial intelligence can do that for you.


We can see that artificial intelligence has been changing growth in various industries and fields. One of such industries is music industries, although the role of artificial intelligence has increased in recent years in relation to the music industry. The transformation of the music industry due to artificial intelligence have also been discussed in details by Tencent music entertainment (TME) also. However, the main challenge which remains is the music producers and artists learns the value of artificial intelligence in the music industry and acquires the required technological knowledge regarding the same so that they can use artificial intelligence to their benefit.

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