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What Startups Should Know About Mobile App Developments

Businesses are increasingly leveraging on mobile solutions your brand would struggle without a mobile app optimized to your customers’ needs and persona.

Currently, there are millions of mobile apps in various app stores with targeted audiences. In New York alone, there are so many NYC Mobile App Agency to choose from. Unfortunately, many entire apps fail to tally with your customer needs. If as a startup you’re considering developing a mobile app for your business or other reasons, here are some tips you should consider.

Focus on the Market

The market should be your core focus when developing your app. Know your rivals and create a niche for your app to successfully thrive in the face of stiffer competition from your competitors.

Your Audience is Vital to the Success of Your App

Determine who your target audiences are; find out your audience likes, what motivates them, and what can set off their interest. Additionally, if you are thinking of developing a paid app, you should also consider factors like the country of residence, age, and gender of your prospective users.

In an innovative and highly commercial environment like New York, for example, most NYC mobile app agencies build apps targeted at introducing millenials into the vibrant New Yorkian investment sphere.

Also, you should consider setting your price and payment options to suit your potential users. Your focus should be on developing an app that solves a specific problem for a particular audience.

Select Your Platform

Before choosing a platform for your app, know that the features and appearance of apps work differently on different platforms. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I understand the platform I intend using for my app?
  2. How does the platform work?
  3. What are the parameters I need to put in place?
  4. What are the features that can be supported by the platform?

The two most common mobile app platform are Android (amassing 86% share of the global mobile market), and iOS (taking about 14 % of the mobile market share left). Also, ensure that your app aligns with the policies, terms, and conditions of your chosen platform.

You should ponder on the User Interface (UI) of your app. Great apps have great GUI and excellent features to give users a delightful experience when using an app.

Create Apps that Work Offline

Having an app with features that work offline is one sure way of keeping users on your app for longer, even without the internet. You should consider limiting the number of ads clogging your app. Users do not enjoy frequent ad interruptions while using an app.

Make SEO and APO Friendly App

In developing an app, you should consider making your app SEO and ASO compliant. This will increase its accessibility and visibility amid the millions of apps already in the various app stores. Also, release your app before you start your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Test Run Your App before rolling it out to the General Public

Testing your app with different simulators can help you to detect and fix bugs, improve user experience, and increase your app’s chances of success.


With these few tips in mind, you should be able to develop an app that will record a considerable level of success once it hits the market.

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