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How to pick the Best Gaming Keyboard

All gaming lovers do understand the importance of having quality components as part of their gaming tools. Quality gaming keyboard is obviously one of the most important, “must-have” tools and whether you’re making your first purchase or upgrading from the one you have, it will be paramount to know how you should go about this exercise. There are multiple keyboard brands in the market and most of them alongside other peripherals have been reviewed by reliable technicians such as CSGOGuru. With most of these computer keyboards promising to give you the best experience in your gaming experience, doing some research is very essential if you are to land one that perfectly suits your gaming needs while at the same time giving you the best experience possible.

Why a good gaming keyboard is essential

In a nutshell, a good keyboard will go a long way in streamlining your game play. It will also enhance your effectiveness as a gamer while at the same time increasing your satisfaction as you go about other usual routines such as typing. Quality keyboard will also save you from frustrations and help save money at the same time. So, how do you choose the best gaming keyboard?

Tips for picking the best gaming keyboard

Before you start the process of picking the right keyboard, it will be important to understand your gaming habits or preferences. Looking at the time you spend on your PC gaming is a very important consideration which you shouldn’t ignore. For starters, ask yourself, “I’m I into single player adventures or do I prefer eSport scenes?” Understanding your gaming needs is very important and once you do, the following then would be helpful in your selection process.

1. Membrane vs. Mechanical keyboards

There are two main categories of keyboards and these can be referred to as membrane or mechanical. While both of them can be used in gaming, the best keyboard for your gaming experience should have mechanical switches as this gives you better quality compared to the ones with silicone membrane switches. Membrane switches offer less tactile feedback when gaming and are less costly. If your budget does allow, it will be advisable to opt for mechanical keyboards as they guarantee better quality and nice gaming experience.

2. Keyboard Macro Keys

If you are an MMO gamer, you definitely would like a keyboard that has additional programmable keys. These keys can be assigned certain functions and moves in your games. Having extra keys would also be ideal especially if involved in RTS and shooter games thus making them worth considering. You should however be ready to splash out a little bit more money for keyboards that have macro keys as these are not only larger but also help micromanage different things in the game.

3. Build Quality

Gaming can be rough at times and gamers are not known to be the gentlest of all people especially when caught in the heat of the experience. This calls for you to have a tough keyboard that is capable of handling the hardest of tapping as many keyboards are not built for this kind of an experience. Due to the fast-paced experience of gaming, you will need a keyboard that easily bears button-mashing for many years.

4. Backlighting

A big number of gaming keyboards are built with backlighting. Some have a full RGB while others come with a single color. The question of backlighting might not be so important to some people but it obviously enhances the experience and the mood during games. You can adjust brightness when working with single color backlight gaming keyboards but there are no many other options to talk about. On the other hand, those with full RGB backlighting offers different options such as effects customization (color shift, wave and breathe among others) as well as color customization.

5. Cost

Some keyboards out there are simply overhyped and not worth the price tag they come with. it is very important to consider the price alongside all other factors and pick something that not only fits your budget but also offers the best value for your money. You can get a keyboard worth $30 while others are sold for as much as $200 or more. As with all other gaming peripherals, there is no guarantee that the costlier ones will be better but also you must be wary of the cheapest options in the market. As the saying goes, cheap could end up being very expensive thus requiring regular replacement. Based on your budget, always choose something that will serve you well and make your gaming more effective.

With these factors in place, you will be able to find a good gaming keyboard that’ll make your experience enjoyable. No matter what kind of game you engage in, your keyboard will always be the most important gaming tool that must be chosen carefully.

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