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Top 5 Benefits Of Proofing Software

Timely feedback is a cornerstone for professionals involved with marketing, advertising, and content promotion. Even a slight delay or a small miscommunication can lead to extending deadlines which can essentially result in failed campaigns and projects.

The incredible amount of detail and effort associated with deadline delivery for packaging, product design, and online content is extremely challenging and even a minor error can spell disaster, especially if it manages to go unnoticed. Luckily, online proofing software provides the perfect solution to ensure that even the smallest errors do not go unnoticed. Here are 5 top benefits associated with the use of this unique and innovative software.

#1 Elimination Of Email Approval

Backtracking emails to locate the most recent version or the most recent approval can be an extremely time-consuming affair. With proofing software, you won’t have to worry about the challenges of hunting back and forth with an emailing system to share the relevant feedback and to get approval on your projects. The software will allow remote team members to communicate and share feedback.

#2 Collate Feedback

Proofing software serves as an online central hub where all the information regarding your projects, such as designs and content, can be safely stored. This will allow team members to batch feedback and send out approved aspects of the project to the creative team. The benefit of collated feedback will reduce the possibility of any minor detail potentially being overlooked or neglected.

#3 Simplify The Approval Process

The method of manually updated spreadsheets can be undeniably frustrating as well as time-consuming and what’s more, this method will also risk errors. The use of proofing software will essentially simplify and streamline the process of approval all while automatically tracking progress all in one central place.

#4 Clarity Of Markup Tools

There’s no question surrounding the fact that a lack of clarity can lead to havoc. One of the best advantages of using this type of software is that everyone working on the project will be able to come together to collaborate ideas efficiently, which will essentially result in optimal clarity for each member of the team. Most online proofing software is equipped with certain markup tools that will allow the decision-makers the ability to mark annotations and highlight certain sections that will result in the need for far fewer product revisions.

#5 Fewer Compliance Risks

As the software will store all your feedback in one safe place, there will be far less risk of missed changes which will result in fewer product compliance problems. The entire team will have a much greater sense of transparency with regard to every aspect of the project.

General Improved Efficiency

When taking all the relevant benefits of using online proofing software into account it becomes clear that general efficiency will be achieved as a result. There will be less need for several revision cycles and the risks of unnoticed errors will become insignificant. Furthermore, while improving general efficiency, you will also be promoting accountability all while saving a small fortune.

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