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Proven Methods to Rank for High Results in Google

If you are running an online store and wants to improve your organic traffic. Then you need to do proper SEO of your website. There are many changes occur in the last 5 years that have changed the techniques of search engine optimization. Google makes many changes in its algorithms in a year to provide the best user experience. As an online store, you cannot rely only on advertisement because they cannot provide you with consistent traffic. The traffic you will get with search engine optimization will be targeted and long-lasting.

People are very impatient and want to get results quickly. In reality, SEO needs some time but when you get high rankings, the results will be long-lasting. If you do not have time to do proper SEO, then you can get the services from an SEO agency. The main reason is that they have experience and required skills. You can leave the ranking part to them and can focus on your business to provide the best services and products to your customer. If you want to do it on your own then you can do the following things to improve your rankings.

Loading Speed of the Website

There was a time when a webpage takes minutes to load properly. These days are long gone and now google takes the loading speed of your website as a ranking factor. The visitors are very impatient and when a website takes more time to load then the visitor will leave the site. There are many changes that you can make for improving the site speed. Google also has a list of guidelines to improve your website speed.

Mobile-First index

The second important thing that you need to make sure is to make your website mobile-friendly. In 2019, most of the traffic is coming from mobile devices. Every person has a smartphone in his pocket these days. So, Google wants you to make a webpage that is responsive and mobile-friendly. If your website is not optimizing for mobile devices, then you will lose a great amount of traffic.

Google Crawlers

Your website structure should be simple so the crawlers can easily navigate your website. Google uses crawlers to read the content and to index your webpages. If the crawlers find difficult to navigate your website, it will affect your rankings.

Multiple Versions of Website

A website can have multiple versions such as, https://www.yoursite .com. Google will take these versions as different pages with identical content. To avoid this, simply add proper redirect rules in the .htaccess file of the website.

Image Size

We usually use images to make our content more compelling and eye-catching. Do you know that images can affect the loading speed? So, while uploading an image optimize it by using a compression tool. Moreover, use the images in a structured way in the content. Also, do not forget to use your keywords in the alt tag of the image. It helps the google determine what is your image about.

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