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The Best Mobile Cases Material

We all have so many options to choose mobile cases from the market. There are a wide variety of mobile covers with different shapes, sizes, color and texture that you must be confused to pick anyone from them, though you may give first preference to the appearance and attractive look of the case. And along with that you look for mobile covers with extra features like, easy to use and safety of your mobile, etc., but we all get confused about the mobile case material. You will see endless numbers of mobile covers with different material used and which one is best for you; will only depend on your preferences and the features you are searching for in the mobile cover.

Just look at the various materials of mobile cases that are available in the market and also look at the advantages and disadvantages of them, so that you can choose the best mobile cover for yourself.


Plastic is the most common material used for making cell phone covers. You will see plastic covers everywhere in the market. It is the most cheap and handy covers for the mobiles. Polycarbonate and polypropylene are the hardest plastic material used to make cell phone covers. These plastics are so hard that bullet proof windows are made out of them. And thus, these plastic make your mobile very safe.

The advantage of plastic material is that they make protective, rough and tough mobile cases. You can find them at very affordable prices as compared to any other material used to make mobile covers. You will find a wide range of varieties and colors with different styles of cell phone covers. It’s very easy to access, the grip is strong and firm, and so chances are less that it will slip from your hand or pocket. These plastic covers are dustproof and waterproof.

The main disadvantage of plastic material is that they may smell badly after using for some days and they are usually damaged after some time. And it is very usual that these covers may look very tacky and cheap.


Leather covers are made from both synthetic and from animal skin like cows and buffaloes. Usually synthetic leather is made from different types of plastics. The texture is very soft to use, but sometimes it is not very durable to use. Leather mobile covers are very popular because they come with pouches and also work as wallet to keep your credit cards, important documents and currency.

The advantage of using leather covers for your mobile is that they look very sophisticated and makes a good style statement. The grip is firm and easy to access. It comes with flip cases which are very popular and your mobile is protected from scratches.

The main disadvantage is that it is very expensive and not pocket friendly and you may not be able to judge about the material used, whether it is made from animal skin or from synthetic leather. Another disadvantage is that, these covers may not protect your cell phone if it falls down from your hand. And some of you may feel bad about using leather made from animal skin.


Metal mobile covers are very much popular these days. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal covers for mobile. Mobile like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy has metal bodies and it is obvious that covers are also available with metal material.

The main advantage of metal cell phone covers is that they have a very firm grip and look very stylish and fashionable accessory. It will surely protect your mobile if it falls down.

The disadvantage is that it may block the signals of your mobile. Sometimes these cases are slippery. It is also very expensive cell phone cases.

Looking at the features of different kinds of material used for your mobile covers, it will easy for you to pick the best cell phone cover for your mobile.

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