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How Entrepreneurs Can Hire a Tech-Savvy Team

The journey of getting a new product or business ready to launch can be a long and difficult one, but entrepreneurs rarely make this entire journey alone. The best, most successful business owners are backed by highly talented, creative, and dedicated teams. And as technology takes on a more important role in every industry, hiring a tech-savvy team is a must.

Startups face countless challenges, from limited funding to building a brand out of nothing, but hiring an initial team that lacks in technological knowledge and skills can reduce the startup’s chance of ever being successful. A tech-savvy team can help to correctly establish important business elements like websites, apps, and email marketing systems. A less-knowledgeable team could cause issues that negatively impact user experience, branding, and more. This can require a startup to invest more time and energy correcting those issues later on.

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Hiring a tech-savvy team requires some careful planning and strategy, but it’s an investment that all entrepreneurs should make from the start.

Identify the Types of Tech Central to Success

Before you start to envision the staff positions you’ll hire for or write a job description, start by identifying the types of technology that will be central to your business’ success. If developing and maintaining apps is a major part of your business, you’ll need teams well-versed in fields like IoT app development. Similarly, if your business will heavily rely on collecting, analyzing, and using marketing data, then you’ll need a team with relevant specialized skill sets.

The skills you’ll want your team to have can vary from industry to industry. A business that uses automotive technology will need teams with specialized skills and knowledge that are different from those a team in the medical technology or energy technology fields will need. Even if you’re not terribly tech-savvy yourself, try to do some research into the common programs, skills, and technology that a team in your field will need. Reviewing the job descriptions and requirements posted by your competitors can help you to develop a running list of the talents and experience to look for in your team.

Determine the Type of Environment You Want to Create

As rough drafts of your job descriptions start to come together, you’ll also want to think about the type of business environment you’re trying to create. Try to envision your ideal business culture and the types of employees who would enhance and work well within that culture. Do you want your business to be hyper-focused and intense on growth with regular assessments and evaluations? Do you take a slightly different approach, fostering a culture that encourages staff personal growth and exploration? Each of these cultures requires different types of employees.

Once you’ve solidified the type of culture and your vision for your product or business, think about the types of people who would help to make that culture and vision a reality. Make a list of qualities you’d want to see in resume objectives that indicate an applicant shares your vision. Think about achievements or milestones an applicant might list on their resume to demonstrate that they have the skills and personality to take your vision and culture to the next level.

Hire a Team of Tech Enthusiasts

A team doesn’t just need to be skilled in tech — they also need to be excited about it. If your team is enthused about their job, they’re more likely to stay on the cutting edge of tech developments. This is important given how rapidly this industry evolves. With factors such as good UX having a major effect on a company’s bottom line, a dedicated team who continuously learns how to better use technology can contribute to a business’ success. A team who’s familiar with the latest trends in mobile app developments can ensure that a business’ apps are functional, user-friendly, and won’t soon be outdated, saving the business money in the process.

Recognizing job candidates who are driven can be tricky. When reading resumes, look for candidates who have tech volunteer experience or who seek out and attend conferences and trainings. This self-motivation may come through in a cover letter, and you can also ask specific interview questions to gauge an applicant’s enthusiasm about the tech industry.

Find a Way to Appeal to Talented Employees

After identifying the kind of talent you need on your team, you’ll need to find a way to attract that talent to your business. Perks like fully paid health insurance, generous salaries, and plenty of opportunity for advancement can attract quality applicants, but they can also strain a limited startup budget. Consider other ways you can attract talent, such as by offering flexible schedules and remote work opportunities, company equity shares, and plenty of professional development opportunities.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can increase the reach of your job posting beyond what you might manage on your own. An RPO provider typically has access to more resources, a wider talent net, and advanced applicant screening tools that can help you to put together the talented tech team that you need. With a tech team playing such a central role in a business’ success, taking the time to put together the right team is a must when starting a business.

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