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How to become a professional web designer without a degree?

If you’re interested in programming and you have interest and some good skills for visual design, they surely you may want to know pursue about getting a Web design degree or people would give you suggestions regarding this.

But, the truth is, you don’t need a degree to learn Web programming or Web designing actually or to get started in the industry of professional web design services, but a degree will really help you to get hired by the companies that employ a staff of developers and designers to work on internal projects.

Similarly, if you won’t be thinking to start your journey towards getting a degree, then maybe you will be really interested in starting your career as a freelance web designer for different website design companies.

Initially, you will face many difficulties because you will have no connections, PR or an appropriate professional experience in the industry but by the time you would only feel that you have one simple technique to fetch some projects.

This technique is bidding on different freelance web design and development services board like UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, FreelanceMyWay, etc.

But the bad part is that these hourly or project based jobs pays little and if your only chance of full time income is this then it is not the good option to have.

It’s quite possible that it would really help you to build a successful career as a freelance Web developer, but it’s best to start out with an industry job to meet contacts and learn how a professional website services business operates.

There is a reason for you to have by needing contacts and experience is that because you will have to approach corporate clients and pitch your services to them in order to make at least an average income in this field as a freelancer because only freelancing with these sites will help you only to make peanuts and nothing more than that.

You’ll have to show them your portfolio as a web page designer and explain to them why you’re qualified to do the job.

Every time you approach a new client, it will be like another job interview.

When you have several clients convinced of your abilities, you’ll get the repeated business, and then you can quit your day job and work freelance full-time.

You won’t have to then worry about advertising or marketing tactics then.

You will need a degree to get a job with a company in the first place, and your education will prepare you for all of these career steps.

Below we are discussing some of the main points which would help and guide us to become a web developer or a professional website designer without having a college degree.

2-year certificate program or a 4-year bachelor’s degree in order to be a professional website designer

A professional website designer certificate or an associate degree program is a two-year program offered by most of the community colleges and similarly, four-year program of bachelor’s in similar discipline is offered at the universities.

If you pursue the college degree instead of a university one then usually the coursework focuses on basic high-level programming, visual design, and business.

If you already have some programming knowledge, you can probably teach yourself all the Python, JavaScript, HTML and other languages you need to have professional-level coding skills in a few months.

Python, PHP, and JavaScript are the most favorite ones these days for you start doing affordable professional website design services.

How can you earn besides getting professional website designing skills yourself?

Similarly, if you can’t leave you day job then surely you can start bidding on different freelance professional website services jobs which are from Up work or Freelancer in your spare time.

Initially, it won’t help you to make more money but as soon as your qualification, experience and portfolio would increase then eventually your rate per hour and project earnings would also increase.

If you have a steady source of income to live on while you get established on freelance job boards, you can eventually gain enough experience and a different number of clients to pitch your services to higher-paying clients and quit your day job like make yourself specialized in the area of offering affordable custom website design making.

This can be your long-term strategies which will you to attain success for longer term. Similarly, when you will get enough hands-on experience then it won’t matter if you will not be having a degree.

Sooner or later you will the good clients who will return to you for future work.

You just have to aggressive and very sharp-minded, without this consistency you won’t sustain in a fast pace world of development.

Which field is better Programming or designing?

The field of computer programming is one of the best skills to have in today’s job market and era and then earn associate’s degree or a diploma certificate in Web designing field which is one of the best degrees for the money.

If you want to ensure that you have professional skills and amazing opportunities to earn really well then you may want to consider getting the same.

But what if you keep getting a different degree and certificate about website design and development and won’t do the live available projects.

As the famous phrase says, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ so it is all about your creativity and imagination to become a successful web designer and developer rather going to a degree college.

One of the best resources to start with for professional web design services… is one of the best resources out there to learn the basics and advanced versions of web design and development services.

It has a step-by-step instruction design where you can run the live code in order to check your mistakes and your error will be rectified instantly in front of you then so you can attain a high-quality web design.

Similarly, you can also take some help from the local library or different e-libraries where there are several online books and resources from where you can start practicing. These all books are really good and have extra learning resources with them already so, you don’t have to earn a separate bachelor’s degree in order to learn and study them.

It will really help you pass the theoretical test and interview of a professional website design company.

Similarly, after coding on some of these online editors you can get licensed software of Adobe Dreamweaver and then start you dream journey of coding different possible solutions into reality being a web page designer.

There are different thousands of YouTube and online tutorials in order to get started with Adobe Dreamweaver.

It will really help to start designing the websites successfully.

You will be able to learn and master the language of designing and building different websites.

This path will be started with HTML, proceeding towards CSS and XML, etc.

It will be an exciting journey which you will love. Each day will be a different experience.

Start freelancing successfully by offering affordable website design services

Here are some tips when you are going to starting out your career as a freelance professional website developer, the one who works for different website design companies and organizations.

Firstly, you would have to ask your client what they want or they expect from you.

How do they see their future site or a renovated website?

Is there any specific look-alike site which matches their imagination?

If there is any, then your game would be much easier.

Have a mind map of what the website would look like and then write it on a piece of paper.

Make small notes and highlight the most important point and then jot them together somewhere.

This Pre-design planning saves your precious time, money and resources.

It would help you to invest more time into your core designing and coding rather than keep thinking of how to get along with the next step.

Similarly, design an up-to-date and an excellent portfolio of your high-quality website design services because it is crucial for any web developer’s success.

Mostly web designer’s face unique challenges according to different circumstances: like you and your work need to stay up to date and current because the world is moving really fast. The more you will show your skills and aesthetic side to the world.


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