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Published on August 19th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Pleasures of Buying Unlocked Smart Phones Today

Indeed, you have lots of options if you wish to buy a new phone. You can choose to have any platform that you want, may it be Windows, Apple, or Android. You also have the liberty to select the model of your gadget.

Also, you can decide whether to have a locked or unlocked phone. But you must take note that both options have advantages and disadvantages. However, for most customers, they decide to have unlocked phones. To know the reason, here are the top benefits of having unlocked cell phones:

Flexible Carrier

Most smartphones now are locked by their carriers. This aids them in keeping their clients to their network. With this, they offer deals on a bundle with the cost of the phones and monthly subscription. However, staying in one network is rarely advantageous to the customer.

Having an unlocked phone from an online mobile store can give you the flexibility to move from one carrier to another anytime that you want it. You can inquire directly to the phone maker like Samsung and Apple. Example of phones is Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and OnePlus 6. You have the freedom to change from one carrier to another to experience better service, coverage, or great savings.

Use it Anywhere You Go

One of the biggest problems of a locked phone happens when you travel out of the country. Whenever the locked phone is out of the coverage area of the carrier, your phone will not work. In some cases, you will be charged at expensive rates. Indeed, this can be a big problem for travellers both for leisure or business.

But having an unlocked phone like Google Pixel and LG G7 ThinQ will allow you to experience a lot more and it’s affordable. You just have to buy a SIM card as soon as you arrive in your country of destination. It is usually available in airports or malls. With this, you can pay local communication fees versus expensive roaming fees. Thus, this can allow you to have substantial savings in the long run.

Cheaper Price in the Long Run

The deals from various carriers can look amazing at first glance. You can get your new phone without an initial outlay. Then, you will pay a small charge every month. Sometimes, you may tell yourself that buying an unlocked phone is impractical because you will need cash to pay for the full cost upfront.

But you have to take note that you can also save in the long run like buying a Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8. If you add all the monthly cost of your locked phone and compare it with an unlocked phone price, you will be surprised that the unlocked phone is economical.

You Can Use Your Phone the Way you want it

When you have your locked phone, they also come with various pre-installed apps. These are usually present for the benefit of the carrier and not for its customers. Sometimes, they have control of adjusting your phone settings.

But if you choose to have an unlocked phone from an online mobile store, you will not experience these worries. You have the freedom to install whatever apps that you wish. You can change and personalize its settings according to your wishes. Examples of phones are LG V30 and HTC U11.

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