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Optimising Content for Artificial Intelligence

There was a time when the mention of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a science-fiction, alien term. Films like the on-the-nose ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ starring Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment have definitely made AI futuristic. Well, this is the future and AI has become the biggest trend, not only in science and technology, but also on digital marketing.

That’s right, beyond website templates and SSLs, AI has evolved into a primary part of our life.

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

Also known as machine learning, AI is an important part of ranking on search engines. This is because the search engines have become ultra intelligent when it comes to spotting keyword stuffing and irrelevant backlinks, and identifying which pages have quality content. Digital marketers have now used AI to help them meet the changing criteria for ranking.

Additionally, AI opens up possibilities when it comes to strategies and creating content.

AI and Content

There are many ways you can utilise AI in creating strategies for your content. For instance, right now, people make searches through voice activation. You can find and target strings of words or phrases customers use when searching through voice activation. You’ll notice that these are long-tail keywords now, so you’ll have to find ways to incorporate those in your content.

Another advantage is using AI to collect data like customer insight, online behaviour, and other relevant marketplace info like influencers you can contact to advertise your products.

Using these insights you can find out what the channels are in terms of getting your message out there, the best medium to use, and the demographic to target.

Personalising Your Messaging

According to research, about 79% of companies who have exceeded their revenue goals used personalisation in messaging. It’s effective because it shows consumers that companies care enough to note the personal needs and wants of their market.

Because of the customer collection AI is capable of, you can use automation-based marketing to improve personalisation. For instance, you can create personalised menus for customers using your app or provide product recommendations in newsletters you send out to your customers.

The gist of it is that customers want you to pay attention to their online behaviour and make online shopping convenient for them. With AI, you can personalise the customer experience to make it more appealing to them.

Smarter Search Engines and Machine Learning

To rank on search engines, specialists use keywords, backlinks, optimised metadata, and consistent content posts. But because of machine learning, SEO has moved forward from these. Other than the voice-based search, Google has started pre-empting search inquiries by adding more context to the engine.

Another way Google has used AI is by offering up images on search because they’re seeing around 1 billion visits on Google Images.

So while Google is using machine learning to improve their search engine, marketers must use the same strategy to satisfy the changing algorithm.

Ranking your website has now become even more sophisticated. As a marketer, you must start being on top of AI and using it to your advantage.

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