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Must-Have Gadgets Within Your Household

It is the weekend, our weekly break from a busy and exhausting nine to five job. The weather is not particularly friendly for a picnic or something of that sort, such that you are forced to stay indoors. Unquestionably you have no one but yourself to keep you company. You have to remain occupied not to get bored. And what better way to do so by sitting back and enjoying a movie. Or better yet catch up on an episode or two of that drama series you have put on hold for weeks now.

Sounds like a plan, right? Well, for such a binge to happen, make sure you have the following necessary gadgets in your home.

1. Digital TV

In this modern-day and age, the analog tech devices that forefronted the industry are becoming absolute. The TV sets that used analog tech had a lot of setbacks. One you had to connect so many devices to it so that it functions. If you wanted to watch anything not included in your channels, you had to attach a tertiary device. It worked like a monitor. The back of your TV was a complex network of wires from different devices. But that is now a story of the past. With the digital TVs that come fully compatible to connect via the internet wirelessly. They also have tech that allows you to mirror a show from your phone to it. Watching Netflix or Hulu has never been so easy.

2. Surround home theatre audio system

What makes the whole movie watching experience amazing is having a powerful surround home theatre audio system. This collection comes with a central control hub that is multi-purposed. It is a DVD/cd player; it is a radio and most of all, a surround audio system that comes with a collection of different speakers. For an astounding experience, you are meant to place the speakers around your living quarters to maximize the movement of sound in the best way possible. Furthermore, such systems today are smart gizmos too, and you are free to choose which you prefer between Sonos vs Bose, for instance.

3. Wi-Fi router

Connectivity to the internet today is everything. You want to know how to make cookies- the internet. You want to see the capital of a country- the internet. The internet is the hub of all these and more. And a Wi-Fi router is the gadget that makes all this possible. Additionally, via a Wi-Fi connection, all your devices can be connected centrally to your phone. That means you will be able to switch all of your systems using your phone.

4. Alexa

Alexa is not really a necessity, but owning this Amazon-made voice-activated device will make your life easier. It is like having an all-knowing, always their tool at your service 24/7. You ask Alexa to play you a symphony; she will. You request her to find you an ancient tale and narrate it to you; she does as instructed. Your wish is her command. Now you can find out the name of that Quentin Tarantino movie you’ve been looking for without lifting a finger.

5. CCTV security camera

Lastly, what better way to spend your days stress-free knowing that your home is safe from danger. Now you don’t have to keep peeping out the window whenever you hear the dogs barking. You just view the live feed of your compound via your phone, uninterrupted and undisturbed from your movie.

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