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Published on August 22nd, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


Is Your Mobile Application Future-Ready?

Getting to the end of technology expanse is apparently out of the question. Of lately, top software companies in the USA have been experiencing the need to stay ahead of the curve and that is what motivated them to develop some of the world’s best future-ready mobile applications.

The American mobile analytics company Flurry researched that a mobile user typically spends more than 90% of internet in an application. 68% mobile users connect with brands through mobile applications.

In the business world, in-app purchases have skyrocketed in years showing an incredible impact these apps have on our lives. More than 27 bn app downloads are quite evident that innovation and rock-solid strategy are the potential drivers of mobile technology.

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The world’s prominent tech connoisseurs have invested their reliability on emerging technologies like blockchain or IoT or AI in mobile apps to make them future-ready.

This essentially boils down to one question – What a future-ready mobile would look like?

1. M-commerce will facilitate world’s purchases

It sure is going to escalate the level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

The security offered by Google Wallet or Apple Pay has beyond a doubt heightened customers’ trust on m-commerce.

Pairing it up with wearables the top software companies in the USA will utilize the far-reaching potential of Predictive Analytics to offer increased customer engagement and reliability.

2. Internet of Things will be mainstream

26 bn connected objects by 2020 is one of the most intriguing Gartner statistics that promises to revolutionize mobile app sector.

From controllable power sockets, medical devices, and domestic appliances to LED bulbs and toys, IoT has penetrated into essential objects we need in our day-to-day lives.

IoT offerings guarantee improved efficiency coupled with mounts of data to facilitate Big Data Analytics.

3. AI would long rule the tech realm

It has been countless decades since the very term first appeared. However looking at the advancements made in AI, proactive and system-assisted procedures would become more prominent, completely eliminating human intervention some day quite possibly.

An integral part of AI is Machine Learning which would accompany in future-ready mobile application development like Netflix using user-adapting algorithms for generating personalized content.

4. The need of AR/VR in your application

CES 2018 conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada had the opportunity to witness the potential of AR when Magic Leap launched its headset.

The company had joined the likes of ODG, Mira, Meta, DAQRI, and Microsoft by contributing the onset of AR computing future. From healthcare to construction and retail, Augmented Reality capabilities have proven to transform the ways we interact and excel in everyday life. All a software development company got to do is implement its offerings for the best of results.

5. Blockchain as it is not only about cryptocurrency

It has practically countless uses ranging from security of transactions to finance as well as manufacturing; Blockchain has a big role in items tracking, quality check and control, smart contracting, exchanging market and security assurance.

Tech leaders in top mobile app development companies in the USA are just not stopping here. Some of them even insist on introducing Cloud Technology in future-ready mobile apps as they reduce the internal memory load by relying on cloud. And that is what has encouraged tech giants to have proffered platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.

With the aforementioned technologies, experts are contributing towards their advancements to develop future ready-apps that guarantee:

  1. Long-term revenue generation
  2. Ensure customer engagement
  3. Matchless customer self-service
  4. Increased up-sell opportunities
  5. Improved customer loyalty
  6. Redefined aspects of direct marketing
  7. Immense scope for future enhancements

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