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Best Apps Of 2019 To Best Organize Your Schedule

Well, having an assistant at your beck and call at all times sounds like a grand idea. They get the morning coffee for you, schedule meetings, and book appointments upon request. Heck, they may even go the extra mile to pick your child from practice when you are stuck in a meeting. As exciting as this may sound, most people cannot afford such a luxury, even though they might have more on their plate than just a business meeting. And that is where scheduling apps step in to help. No longer do you have to be late for a meeting or miss an appointment as these apps will prompt you beforehand.

And below are some of the apps available to everyone to sort out their day-to-day events and functions.

1. Apple Calendar

The apple calendar is an inbuilt feature that comes as a default organizer in all iOS systems. That includes all iPhones, iPads and macOS. But the Apple Calendar is also available via the web through the iCloud site. An entry into any of the above devices, is easily synchronizable throughout the rest at the touch of a button. It has an easy to use interface once you are familiar with the iOS system. The features that come with the app are clear and straightforward to grasp. One can easily add an event of any kind by merely pressing on the plus sign on the particular date. You are at liberty to also specify a few more details if you wish. On one event you may input a title, the location, set a reminder, put down a note and even jot down the invitees.

2. My study life

My study Life app comes as a rescue to most students and other educators. This free application that can be accessed through Android, iOS, and the web make school life a whole lot easier. It comes fashioned in a manner that a student may easily alter their day to day schedule of classes. Such that if a holiday land on a Monday, and the classes are postponed to Wednesday, they can quickly make this change without affecting the next week’s schedule. The Study Life has an easy interface that allows the user to input assignments, their description, the professor or facilitator in charge plus the deadline. A student will, therefore, submit their college essays that worked within the timeframe given. It also offers a separate feature that the scholar can use to input their exam dates promptly. All these help one sort themselves out not to be ambushed with last minute eventualities.

3. Google Calendar

This is perhaps the most popular app of the whole lot. Their popularity is aided by the fact that this app is compatible in almost all internet-based systems. It is reconcilable with Android, iOS, and the web. Within the app, you can create multiple calendars in one place. Each to facilitate a different aspect of your life. Be it work-related, medical appointments, or attendance to social functions. Each calendar having a color code to your liking. As long as you have a valid Google account, you can also consolidate your schedule within all your google apps. For instance, you can integrate G Suite app with an event sent to you via email. You can also invite others to view or even edit one or all of your calendar entries.

4. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and windows, this app stands out as one of the best in the business world. It has a more personal information management system as opposed to a place to merely input your appointments. This is because it unifies all your calendars with teammates or colleagues within your working webspace. It gives you the freedom to share your schedule with all the people involved in that particular business. For instance, if there are team-building excursions for the financiers in the office, the calendar is shared amongst the finance department. Such that everyone is included and is notified in due time. The members of such a group can then set the viewing to either side by side alongside their schedules, or incorporate it within theirs.

5. Cozi

Cozi functionality is much appreciated in the scheduling of family events. Such events may include birthdays, anniversaries, children rehearsals, shows, and doctor appointments. In this busy economy, it is no surprise that a working mother might forget her niece’s graduation. And that is where Cozi comes in. Cozi allows a user to consolidate several calendars into one. She can then consolidate the whole family’s entries into one, so that no one misses a thing. Additionally, the app has extra features, such as to-do-lists and shopping lists. You can now confidently go about your duties, sure not to miss a thing.

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