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Web Design 101: Decoding the Best Trends Of 2019

Having a website is just not enough for your brand’s online presence. Staying relevant to the web design and tech trends is as critical, and brands need to identify these trends, and if need be, they should hire the best web design agency to redesign the website. Every year, new trends emerge, and while some are momentary, others define the path of website development for designers and clients alike.

In this post, we are discussing the best web design trends for 2019

Vibrant shades

The use of pop colors, like yellow, green, and blue, for redefining flat website themes is the new thing. Minimalism has been trending for years now, but designers are now focusing on choice of bright shades and color palettes that define flat designs and adds visual appeal to the website. Of course, not all websites need vibrant shades, but that’s the simplest way of having a two-dimensional design with adequate eye candy.

Mobile first

More than 50% of all web searches are initiated on a mobile or handheld device, and while this may seem like a trend, but brands have no choice but to design responsive websites. From design point of view, developers now have to create themes that seem relevant and visually stimulating on mobile devices. It is absolutely important to rethink web design, keeping mobile user expectations in mind.

Animation and GIFs

Since designs are flat and minimalistic these days, many brands are opting for GIFs and animation as smart tools for enhancing the dynamism. Adding small GIFs to otherwise static website pages can help in breaking the monotony of the design. Also, these elements don’t impact the loading time of a page considerably, so user experience is not affected.

More of shapes

Geometrical elements, and pointy designs – Web designers are suddenly interested in using shapes to define features of a website, and it works big time. Designs and themes are now more customized for specific needs, and keeping the design lines clear and easy helps in improving interface and how users interact with a website.

Videos for background

A static banner on a website can look boring, which is precisely why designers are using videos that create engagement from the word ‘go’. Using video content doesn’t have to affect the speed of the website, as long as the design company knows its job, although this may mean spending more on the video creation process, because originality counts here.

Black and white palettes

Web designers are often settling for extremes. One of the minimal yet stunning practice is to use black and white palettes, where the muted shades are dominating the design elements. This approach leaves room for shadows, and designers and relying on classic shading mix to create websites that truly define the niche and brand.

Single page designs

For the longest time, it was news that the age of ‘scrolling’ is dead, but the trend seems to have found its way in 2019. Designers are now creating amazing single-page designs, especially for clients who don’t need a lot from their website. Done right, this could also mean better user engagement, because they don’t have to wait for pages to load and get all the information in one go.

Data visualization

Numbers are boring, but for websites that have to rely on data, it is necessary to convey the information that a user is looking for. Data visualization basically is more about using better means and ways of representing data, often through images and infographics, and this could be a great way of summing up information in a gist.

Check online for web design agencies and seek their inputs for your website!

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