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Published on July 23rd, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Four Important Terms to Easily Understand What SEO is All About

Search engine optimization or SEO seems to be a highly technical term for many online users. What they do not know is that SEO helps in narrowing down the best results for them when searching for products and services online. Although the process may be a complex one, the sole objective of SEO is for business exposure through non-paid search engine results. SEO is about connecting with people by providing them the answers to what they are searching for online.

Since the internet is like a big library where there are lots of books and references, the librarian serves as the search engine, and SEO is the general guide to find the specific material inside the library. As many users look for a book, the librarian will take note of its title, author, and where it is located to quickly provide readers with that material. Following this logic is the essence of the SEO process; giving users easy access to whatever they need online.

Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing

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In four simple terms, SEO can be easily understood, making your online experience more enjoyable.

1. Keywords

Any online inquiry starts with typing the keywords. The search engine will then locate all the sites containing those keywords, and even the relevant words that may be helpful to the user will be shown. To make a more defined search, better use a set of words or ask a question, to help the search engine get the best option for the search made.

2. Traffic

Website traffic is an essential element in determining a website’s popularity. It refers to how many users visit a site, and how long they stay, which helps increase the ranking of the site in search results. Through this traffic, businesses can use SEO in Perth to make a conversion of the size of the potential market and take other steps to adjust marketing strategies to win those customers.

3. Information

Although SEO serves as online marketing material, it does not directly promote any goods or services but instead gives tips, ideas, guides, and other information necessary to help the users in their online search. SEO provides potential customers with the background of the product or the scope of the services that can help in building trust that leads to deciding to transact with a company. SEO can also influence the purchasing decision of a potential client through the information provided in the material.

4. Links

The landing page of the SEO material is naturally inserted through the keywords hyperlinked to the website of the business in question. Through SEO, the users have the chance to know the product or services better and will follow the link based on their informed decision. The fewer the number of links in the content, the more likely it is that readers will not feel like they are trapped in a business advertisement.

Online materials explain how to understand SEO fully. But if you are planning to optimize your business website, it is best to contact good local SEO services to provide you with a tailored strategy suitable for your company.

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