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Choosing A PHP Framework Is As Important As Understanding Your Business

Creation of a website is a must-need assignment for those who want to create an impression in the web world. If you already have an idea of the market, then you should know that there are countless companies that create lots of websites each day, but the sad part is not all websites leave an impact on users. Only those websites stand out that are created by the best professional developers and using the latest tools, technology and frameworks (if it is created using PHP).

Web developers use a framework to compose clean and re-usable code. It is used to make a clear separation of presentation and logic. But, there is also an issue that can bring a frown on your face. There are lots of frameworks available, so which-one-should-I-use-to-develop-my-website will be your top concern. Different people have different types of opinions on selecting the best PHP frameworks. Some frameworks provide best performance, while others provide a better way of documenting. There are frameworks that even provide lots of built-in functions as well. You have to decide depending on your needs. The following may help you in taking the right decision.

  • WHAT IS THE PURPOSE: Though, it is right that all the frameworks available, are created to solve issues faced by developers. So, you have to understand the main idea behind the framework. If you find this helpful for you, or eligible enough to meet your requirements then you can choose the framework that you prefer.
  • POPULARITY FACTOR: Popularity always helps in making decisions easier. If the framework is in demand, then it should have some reason. May be it meets modern technological demands and adopts new ideas as well. On the other hand, it may have more plug-ins and is of higher quality than others. So, to summarize if you have no technical knowledge and rely completely on what sells the best in the market, you may choose a framework depending on its popularity
  • HOW SUSTANABLE IT IS: At times during the development phase, frameworks need maintenance and up gradation. So, while choosing a framework, you must also look for the sustainability of the preferred framework. You have to stay clear about it from the very beginning.
  • HOW MUCH SUPPORT IT PROVIDES: It is obvious that you will need answers for all your queries. So always be aware about the source of getting those answers. It will be fine if the publisher of the framework provides the answers, otherwise you will have to depend on the answers from the community.
  • HOW SECURE IT IS: Always choose the framework that provides the best quality security. It is obvious that up to some extent all the websites and applications are vulnerable. So, you have to ensure the safety and security of your website and application at first.
  • PROPER DOCUMENTATION: You have to check the documentation before choosing a framework. Otherwise, it will not appear as an easy-to-use and upgradable framework.
  • RESOURCES: Not choosing the best framework will complete the job. You have to check that you have got all the resources such as designers and developers who are well acquainted with that framework.

In conclusion, if you want to select the best among the others, then you have to consider the above-mentioned factors. It will be best, if you consult a professional who has a clear idea and ample experience in this field. The more you consult, the better you will get. Ask your experienced friends, business professionals, specialists available in your domain to understand the requirements. A clear idea on your requirements will assist you to choose the best PHP framework as well. Hope this will help you to find the best and develop your website in the right way.


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The author of this blog post is a professional web developer and specialist in PHP framework coding. Here in this blog he has shared some of the key factors that will assist anyone to choose the best framework for developing a website.

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