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5 Ways to Search for Trending News on Social Media

Do you wish to know what is the latest trending news online? Social media is a great way to stay in touch with the world. News surfaces on social media often before official news outlets are able to prepare and present a story. But what are the various tips and tricks to surf social media like a pro is a common question. Only a generation ago we used to get updated with news every morning from The Sun and now an hour lost is one that can never be replaced. Armed with these new strategies never stay out of touch with the world.

To help you we have put together a list about the best avenues you can take to be always up to date with what is trending. Maybe it is a new meme poking fun at a political leader, a gossip or a video by a celebrity on vacation, and even Technology News – all of it is important since it is what shapes the collective consciousness of the readers and users of social media.

Make a subscription to popular blogs and sites

It should not come as a surprise that the quickest way to find what is trending is to complete submerse yourself in the social media universe. Subscribe to RSS news feeds on your most favorite blogs like New Haven Register to be updated as soon as there is something new that is published. NextRankers is a fantastic trending news source too.

The other great way is to become a follower of celebrities, news anchors, journalists and anyone else who is a newsmaker or has access to them. This way you will be the first to know if news breaks on social media.

Social Network native trending section

Each social media platform has its own notification for trending news and hashtags. In Facebook, this can be seen to the right of the home page and in Twitter on the left. Much news can be discovered by keeping an eye on these apps. The platforms promote the topmost news automatically every hour. Similarly, YouTube and Tumblr also provide a snapshot of the most viewed news articles and stories on their platform.

Use of social news based sites

The best example is Reddit and Hacker News. Reddit is entirely community-driven, and users generate fresh content every minute. Reddit is a sort of forum or what was called internet bulletin board but not aimed at a particular topic but spanning across thousands of subreddits.

There is a system of an up and down vote which sorts out what is trending and what is not. The most important quality about Reddit is that since there is considerable argument back and forth which is moderated, fake news is relatively low compared to other sites which can be manipulated using bots to change the trend of a hashtag. This gives Reddit a very authentic feel, and it is one of the most excellent sources of trustworthy trending news. Users may look for sources to buy votes to get your target audience quickly.

Find notification for relevant keywords

If you are not present in front of a desktop monitor all day long, there is a more natural way to find latest technology news. Set up an alert notification. This can happen via SMS or e-mail.

The most popular is the Google Alert. It can be set to track various topics and send emails when it detects new issues and articles. It can be completely customized in a few minutes to keep you updated on a vast variety of topics.

From the same company, Google Trends is another vital tool. It puts together stories from Google News, Search and YouTube and shows various trending stories by geographical region.

Subscribe to a premium news outlet

The above steps are enough for most people but not all. It could be that you like to write or blog about the freshest topic. In that case, it would be useful if you signed up for a service such as NewsWhip. It helps to stay on top of the web’s top trends and in the extremely fast-paced world of social media, and the internet is a boon to most newsrooms. Other similar services are Chartbeat and Outbrain. To be sure each of these has a specific clientele they cater too and are not of the same type.

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