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Get more customers with JotForm Mobile Forms

One of the hardest parts of running any successful business is increasing your customer base. That task becomes doubly difficult in the online world, where physical proximity to a customer ceases to hold any meaning and the only way to get more customers is to stand out from the crowd.

There is one relatively easy way to stand out, even in the fast-paced and cutthroat online world — through customer service. The best way to gain a recurring customer is to ensure that you meet their demands, and the only way you can do that is by responding promptly and quickly resolving any problems.

While this is relatively easy for a large firm or online marketplace, for a startup or a new business, having a dedicated customer service department is a huge strain on resources. Most companies try to find a middle ground by having someone pull double duty, but that often leads to delayed responses and lost customers.

1. Automated mobile notifications for faster customer response times

This thorny problem now has a simple solution — JotForm Mobile Forms. This unique app lets you customize notifications so that whenever a customer fills out a form on your website, you immediately receive a notification on your phone.

JotForm Mobile Forms is also available on both Android and iPhone. You’ll be able to instantaneously receive and reply to any incoming queries or complaints through the forms on your business website.

2. The ability to save and sync customer contact information

Cross compatibility and instant mobile notifications are pretty amazing, but JotForm Mobile Forms goes a step beyond.

The app lets you save customer contact information directly to your phone. So if you want, you can immediately call them up and resolve their issue without any delay. However, if you don’t need to do that, you can also import the contact information separately so that you can establish contact with them at a later date if you so choose.

3. The flexibility to attach multiple data types to forms

Another important aspect of JotForm Mobile Forms is the amount of flexibility it provides in terms of data collection. Customers can attach a number of special items to forms, such as voice recordings, images, or geolocation info. This allows you to get much more detailed feedback than on any other competing product! You can resolve queries faster, which directly leads to higher customer satisfaction.

The fact that JotForm Mobile Forms is entirely app based means you can respond to inquiries or feedback even if you aren’t in your office. In fact, you can access and even assign specific customer feedback to different members of your team from any device, anywhere in the world, even if you’re not connected to the internet.

4. Specialized features for unique circumstances

On top of all this, JotForm Mobile Forms has a kiosk mode that can come in handy if you need to collect customer feedback in person — at a conference, for instance.

JotForm built this new product specifically for mobile data collection. That’s why the app is so powerful. Along with all of this functionality is a robust system that allows you to collaborate with different team members and see all the consolidated data. This enables you to make business decisions based on your data and customer feedback, not just market trends and general guesses.

And that’s precisely why we believe that JotForm Mobile Forms is going to be a vital tool in the arsenal of every internet marketer. Take advantage of this robust data collection tool and download it for free on Android and iOS devices!

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