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Useless Websites

You might find the title quite amusing but to be honest such ‘useless websites’ actually kill just two minutes of your time unlike other social networking websites which are sure to take a considerable amount of time out of your schedule. So when you are bored and tired of continuously working, you can go for a two minute break by browsing through such websites. Instead of killing extra time, it gives you a short refreshing break. Here are some of the websites that you are bound to find useless yet a great two minute passer.

1. The Worst Website Ever

As the name suggests, it is actually the website with the worst layout ever. It has a dreadful web design. Ironically it has everything that is without a doubt wrong. Your mind as well as eyes will get confused at the very sight of this website. So you can go for browsing through it if and only if you are ready to confuse yourself in your break time.

2. Wikipeetia

A name that is most of the time mispronounced. Just like Wikipedia, it is an encyclopedia. But it is a totally different kind. The encyclopedia is a hidden one with the words that are misspelled. You can find the spellings amusing but if you should definitely go for regularly visiting it as it may weaken your own spelling!

3. Kim Jong- II Looking at things

He was a Korean leader whose memories still remain afresh among the people of Korea. All those who have known about him are definitely aware of the weird looks on his face as he looked at different things. The website is a collection of all those looks and scenes.

4. Koalas to the Max

This website actually takes you to your childhood when you started coloring figures. It is a digital coloring game where you can actually do something. The coloring exercise helps you to kill some time as there is no limit to filling colors in the circles and then again breaking the figures to continue coloring.

5. Purple

Some of the people around have a fetish for the color, purple. This website might be the best time killer for them. It lets you virtually bring up all the objects which you would have only imagined to be purple.

6. Into Time

This is yet again a color related website. This website can also be tried upon as a relaxation therapy. If you are tired of the hectic work then you can definitely go for this website to relax your mind and dive into the diverse nature of the colors.

7. The Best Dinosaur

Many people are curious about what the world would have been when it was inhabited by the dinosaurs. Well, some of the paleontologists even tend to have a favorite dinosaur according to their body features. This website is yet another such analyzer. To see what its favorite dinosaur is you can take a look at this website.

8. Bacon Sizzling

Taking a break from work or studies is necessary. And in that break watching something pointless is actually a relaxing activity for your brain. The named website is a website of bacon sizzling whereby you can enjoy the soothing sounds of bacon along with the flawless visual image.

9. Hey

This as we all know is a way of greeting someone. Sometimes all you need is someone to greet you cheerfully when you are all drained out during work. So, if you go to this website you will get this cheerful “Hey” along with catchy background music to soothe your mind.

10. Please Like

Pictures and videos are posted on social media to get more number of likes and to increase the number of viewers and followers. This website comes in handy to track down what your friends and contacts like on Facebook. Accordingly, you can post such stuff on your wall in order to get maximum number of likes. All you need to do is go to this website and like the page to get the information.

11. Do nothing for two minutes

Nowadays most people are restless. Even when they get free time, instead of relaxing their eyes and mind they tend to scroll through their phones in order to see any updates or notification. Well this website tests you perseverance for two minutes. If you visit this website and do anything else except doing nothing in a span of two minutes, it will reset the counter. Many will be surprised to see that actually most of the people are not able to complete the two minutes span without doing anything at one go.

12. Pay for nothing

There was once a weird kind of sale in Barcelona where empty jars, technically filled with air were sold and bought at an amount. The people believed that they brought a jar of fresh air at home. This website takes things up a notch. You can definitely ask your friend who tend to spend a lot on unnecessary fun just to see what they will do!

13. Rainbow dogs

Well this website has a pretty cool and cute layout. The website’s name is OMFGDOGS. You will find cute puppies and dogs running with a background of rainbow colors. It is definitely a treat for the eyes of all the dog lovers.

14. Patience is a virtue

Remember the nineties? Internet was there but it was comparatively a lot slower. You have to wait for minutes before you got something loaded. Well this website reminds you of those older times. It is just actually a pain to see the website getting loaded for minutes.

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