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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

“If you want it done right, do it yourself”

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, this is one quote that most of us have heard and implemented in various walks of life. But sometimes, life sets up with challenges that demand skill sets that are entirely foreign to us. If you are not someone who hails from a coding background, app development can be something quite like that.

Now there can be two ways of going about any IT project, hiring an in house team and having it done entirely under your watchful eyes, or outsourcing the bulk of the work to a qualified team of app developers. Both come with their pros and cons and today we are going to evaluate which route might be the best for you!

1. Hiring the Developers

This is the first step to getting an app made and often the most crucial one as the quality and experience of the developers you hire will reflect on the final finished product that you receive. Now the App stores on both iOS as well as Android are littered with many similar looking apps that don’t offer much in terms of originality and the reason behind this is that the barrier to entry for creating mobile apps can be deceptively low at times. This is why you should always hire developers with prior experience and not just delegate to the cheapest freelancer that you can find on the Internet.

Of course, having an in-house team helps in this aspect as you can monitor their progress in real time and can judge for yourself if they are up to the task. But again, if you are not that familiar with coding, you might find yourself blowing through a large chunk of money before you realize the results are nowhere close to what you expected. This is where established companies like itCraft step in – having an in-house team of highly professional developers to whom you can outsource your app development needs. This gives you the advantage of having the services of highly skilled developers without having to go through the hassles of recruiting someone personally and having to test out their coding abilities.

2. Managing Expenses

One of the main factors to consider when hiring an in house team for your development is associated with expenses. Not only do you need to hire new and skilled developers but you also have to shell out a large sum of money in office spaces and increased IT infrastructure. Now while this may not be a problem for larger companies, when you are a small online business or a lean bootstrapped startup, having a large IT team can be a significant drawback on your financial situation.The best solution in cases like these is to outsource the developmental work to professionals so that you can ensure the best return on investment.

3. Design

Having a feature rich and useful app is all well and good but if you end up with a clunky design and counterintuitive User Interface, your app will never reach a broader audience. This is the part where most novice developers go wrong since they do not have experience creating an interface that is enjoyable to use. Having an in house developer is the best way to solve this particular problem as you get to sit with them and walk through every stage of the app and how it looks and feels. However, most developers are engineers and thus lack the finesse of making an appealing UI. Thus the easiest solution is to hand it over to experts in the field who have dedicated most of their professional lives to building responsive apps that get great reviews.

Personally, I suggest that you click here and go through the portfolio of itCraft, one of the best app development providers out there right now! Outsourcing any IT project is a risk in of itself and the best way to go is to entrust your app development to the hands of professionals who have years of experience in crafting unique apps that have stood out on both iOS and Android.

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