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Published on May 22nd, 2019 | by Megan Max


Create Facebook Company Page: 18 Useful Tips

After creating your company Facebook page, following the advice of Creating Facebook Company Page in 5 steps, you can improve it and make it attract your own customers.

You cannot post content at random, without reason, and above all without a purpose in your marketing strategy!

You have to be very careful about WHAT you publish and HOW you publish it: the possibilities to generate contacts and customers from Facebook are very low if you don’t create a page with interesting and attractive contents! With some advice you can create a company Facebook page that will certainly not go unnoticed.


Here are 19 tips to create a perfect Facebook business page

1. Create a Page, not a personal profile

Creating a personal profile seems easier to promote your company, but with that you won’t be able to connect to your site and take advantage of the applications created for the business world.

Facebook has been monitoring and blocking personal profiles of companies for some time, forcing them to create a page. Don’t risk closing and losing content: if you have a profile instead of a page, change it immediately!

2. Add a recognizable profile picture

Enter an image for your company profile that can be easily recognized by potential fans. It can be a logo, a brand or a product that represents you. The profile image is the image in the top square and also the preview image that appears when you post a post, so choose the right one! Many companies, for example, choose their own logo as a distinctive image, so that it is always clear who they are.

3. Choose an attractive cover image

You will notice that it takes up a lot of space on the Page! The cover image will be the first thing a person will see when looking at your page, so I suggest you choose one that is not obvious but that draws attention.

4. Add short descriptions and links to the profile picture and the cover image

To increase interest in your company and website, add brief descriptions and links to the cover and profile pictures, perhaps linked to the “About Us” section of your website.

5. Add a Call-To-Action to your cover image

Since December 2014, Facebook has launched a new feature that allows you to add one of seven keys with the call-to-action on your cover image. You can choose between the different options, to which you will then have to add the destination URL: “Sign up”, “Buy now”, “Contact us”, “Book now”, “Use the application”, “Watch the video”, ” Plays”.

6. Customize your page with applications

Below the cover image you can add applications to your horizontal bar. Such as? Just go to the Facebook App Center and search for the application that’s right for you. You can choose the order on the bar, after “Diary” and “Information” which are automatically fixed, of two important applications, while the others will be positioned in “Other”.

7. Complete the “Information” section

Don’t forget the most important section of all, that of “Information” . The preview appears on the left side of the page and is one of the first things the visitor notices. Here you can also add important events for company history, such as the date of foundation or the launch of a product. You can add “Targets” by clicking on “Offer, Event, +” in the status update options.

8. Share photos and videos on your “Diary”

Why photos and videos? Because it’s the content that attracts the most visitors! And also the “Photo” and “Video” applications, which always appear on the left, are automatically updated.

9. Publish other types of content

Posts with videos and photos are not enough! These types of content are not enough to attract people, better if you vary with the contents. Share articles, offers, posts, etc., and your followers will continue to appreciate what you do and follow you.

10. Promote the acquisition of new leads

If one of your goals is to generate leads from Facebook, you must use each update to promote offers such as webinars, ebooks, premium downloads, etc. . However, try to balance these offers with other normal posts, so you can keep your audience and convert them into leads. Do you want to get contacts from potential customers for your company?

11. Choose the frequency of posts

Not sure when to publish your posts and how often? This is something to be reckoned with, indeed it is very important to increase visits to your page. Think about when your followers could be online on Facebook and experiment with publications at various times, then analyze the Insights. But be careful not to become a stalker … maximum 5-10 posts a week!

12. Only reach your target

You know you can schedule Facebook posts with tools, you can schedule the publication of various contents and decide who to show them to. With an organized calendar you can please everyone and save a lot of time in managing social media.

13. Set the most important posts above

When you publish new content, the previous ones go down in the timeline. If you are promoting an offer or an event, it is advisable for everyone to see them, and therefore it will be better to make them well visible. Click “Fix at the top”, at the top right of the post, so it will remain locked in that position until you want it. But remember that you can only do it with one post at a time

14. Communicate directly with private messages

To respond to a request, it is sometimes better to answer privately. You can enable the private message function directly from “Messages”, but only if you are an Administrator. Remember to reply as soon as possible!

15. Monitor and respond to comments

When checking your fans’ interactions, don’t forget the comments on your Page. Every time someone comments on your post you will receive a notification, but you don’t necessarily have to reply to each one. You must always respond to requests and complaints to keep your reputation high and avoid unnecessary controversy that can also damage your sales. Responding to comments shows that your company keeps a direct relationship with its followers and increases customer loyalty.

16. Promote your page to increase followers

Now that your page is full of content, you need to promote it! Add a link to your Facebook page (and why not, also to other social networks) on the company website (not necessarily only in the Home Page!!) and in the emails so you can increase the “Likes” and your customers can easily follow the Page. Without promotion it is difficult to grow a Page!

17. Measure the success of your efforts

Analyzing data on posts is very important to better understand the tastes and needs of those who follow your company. Thanks to the Insights function you can have a complete overview of the success of your posts and understand those who obviously have something wrong. You can thus know the coverage, the type of interaction with your page and the number of visits. This data should always be kept under control to understand how to improve your online strategy.

18. Use Facebook Ads

Since you are still at the beginning, to increase the coverage of your posts, you can decide to invest a small budget in advertising. If you click on “Highlight the post” you can easily plan your paid campaign, deciding the costs, time and number of people to reach. You will see that once you increase the number of followers you will no longer need to pay!

Facebook and other social networks are very important for your company and within an Inbound Marketing strategy they will allow you to increase customers with the right loyalty.

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