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Big data analytics – How beneficial is it for healthcare?

Usually, there is a saying that “health is wealth”. The present world is running behind the innovative ideas to bring some drastic changes in the healthcare industry. On a daily basis, new technologies are getting released after so many research in this field. The researchers are keen to invent so many tools to transform and bring a revolutionary change in the Healthcare Industry. One such tool is Big Data Analytics.

In this article, we will see how Big Data Analytics is beneficial for the healthcare industry

Before discussing the topic, we will see what is “Big Data Analytics” and then what is its role in the healthcare industry?

Big Data Analytics is a software that can be used in the healthcare industry to completely analyze the patient based on the data of the patient provided to the tool. This Big Data Analytics is definitely going to replace the traditional way of visiting the doctor for any illness, instead, the patient can be treated remotely using this software.

This technology is used to provide the proper care to the patients by analyzing the similar case of the patient around the world. After the result of the decision software, the doctors and the nurses will act accordingly to treat the patients. Big Data analytics ensure that proper treatment is provided to the patient. The support is also based on individual health and hereditary conditions or genetic conditions.

Similarly, in patient care is provided after collecting the information from the digital tools used in the healthcare industry. Blockchain Technology plays a vital role in personal health information. The data is always stored in blockchain so that the data is not hacked for any other purpose.

Though it sounds like the top most innovative idea to be implemented in the healthcare industry, still there are many healthcare industries did not implement this idea for their daily operation.

As per some expert, it was founded that still, 56% of hospitals in the US have not integrated this data analytics in their daily operations.

We will see the opportunities and the challenges to be faced by Big Data Analytics in the healthcare industry.

Big Data Analytics- Benefits in the Healthcare Industry.

Listed below are some of the opportunities or benefits of Big Data Analytics in the Healthcare Industries.

  1. Reduce Medication Errors
  2. Identify High-Risk Patients
  3. Cut down cost and waiting time.
  4. Control security breaches and fraudulent activities.
  5. Improves in engaging the patients and the outcomes

1. Reduce Medication Errors

  • It is quite common that humans tend to make occasional errors. The same thing happens in hospitals and these errors are called medication errors.
  • Medication errors may cause serious health issues for patients. This may cause danger to their lives and may cause death in some cases.
  • Big Data Analytics plays a very major role in preventing these errors by collecting the information and analyzing it completely from the information provided by the tool.
  • It provides the complete record of the patient with medications. If anything is mismatching the same can be outlined and the error can be avoided.
  • Many startup healthcare organizations implemented this software and the results are remarkable.
  • During some clinical trial, the record of around 747, 985 patients were monitored and around 15, 693 patients were showing good sign.
  • This tool can cut down the cost of operation. Around $ 21 billion per year can be saved by the organizations.

2. Identify High-Risk Patients

  • You can always see that the Emergency departments of certain hospitals are always equipped with Patients and the cost for maintaining the emergency department gets piled up.
  • The reason behind is that they are really not able to identify the high-risk patients. So immediate care may not be provided to the high-risk patients, though the organizations spend a lot of amount for this department.
  • To identify the high-risk patients, it is necessary to make use of a tool like Big Data Analytics and assure those high-risk patients are taken care of immediately.

3. Cut down cost and waiting time

  • It is very important for any organization to optimize the operational cost for its profit in the business.
  • This can be done by making use of this Big Data Analytics by predicting the number of admissions, the hospital can assist the patient with only those number of staffs and hence will help to reduce the operational cost, labor cost, etc.
  • If everything is planned according to the data, the waiting time is also reduced. Predictive Analytics is a type of Big Data Analytics which is used to reduce the cost and waiting time.

4. Control security breaches and fraudulent activities.

  • When it comes to security breaches, the focus is to mainly deal with data.
  • Most of the healthcare industries face this data breach when compared to other industries.
  • As per some survey, the data breach experienced by the healthcare industry is approximately around 200%.
  • To overcome this data breach, most of the healthcare industries started implementing Big Data Analytics to control security breach and fraudulent activities.

5. Improves in engaging the patients and the outcomes

  • There are devices which monitor the complete action of the patient like the number of hours slept, steps walked, the heart rate of the patient, etc and these devices will be really helpful for the doctors to analyze the patient based on real-time activities.
  • There are some tools to track the complete health-related data and save that in cloud platform where the doctors can access the complete patient health-related data remotely.
  • This, in turn, will reduce the number of doctor visit as well as it will be helpful for the doctors to treat all type of diseases ranging from blood pressure to asthma.


Hope in this article, you will be able to find the benefits of Big Data Analytics in healthcare industries. Though this technology is implemented in other industries, we can conclude that it is more beneficial in Healthcare industries to analyze the history of the patient and will be really helpful to provide timely treatment.

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