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The Future of the Bionic Body [Infographic]

Technology continues to evolve and adapt. While the concept of the internet in every home was enough to astound us at the turn of the century, things have moved on a great deal since then.

Arguably one of the most important improvements has come in the form of the creation of bionic body parts. These exciting new developments have given people the chance to recover from injuries which in the past might have been permanently debilitating.

Just some of the incredible inventions which could come into effect in the next few years include:

  • A bionic leg which is controlled by thought
  • An artificial pancreas, capable of monitoring someone’s blood sugar levels
  • Bionic lungs which have the ability to breathe for you
  • A bionic eye which is able to enhance your vision

Want to find out more about the different ways in which technological science is helping us to progress? Be sure to check out the fantastic infographic RS Online have put together looking at the future of the bionic body.

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