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The Combination of Indoor Tracking & Large Facilities [Indoor Tracking and Analytics]

People in this modern day scenario have become accustomed to the ubiquitous technology and are highly relying on it in order to accomplish their day to day activities. With GPS (Global Positioning System) being used globally, it is more evident that without technology, it is tough to capture the attention of the masses.

The same happens with Indoor tracking, as it can don the role of GPS in large facilities, in fact, the presence of high-accuracy indoor tracking technology in large facilities can do a lot more than just navigating alone.

Overview of Indoor Tracking Technology (ITT)

Large facilities have been facing several challenges since the beginning, challenges such as precise navigation, indoor tracking and analytics, emergency management, etc. within venues that are huge. The profound features of indoor tracking technology such as minimal operational costs, optimal coverage, archiving of analytics and management, etc. makes it the best pick for all the large facilities.

Key Advantages of ITT:

1. High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking Technology

Indoor tracking apps that works with global technologies such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Ultrasonic, etc. are an important form of conversion to indoor tracking technology. Accommodating such apps in large facilities will improve the visitor experience fivefold.

The benefits of these apps in large facilities can be seen below:

  • Point to Point Routing
  • Location-Based Promotions and Ads
  • Visitor Insight Captured
  • Enhanced Work Efficiency

Identifying and implementing a genuine high accuracy indoor tracking technology is the foremost and the biggest challenge large facility managements come across today.

2. Real-Time Indoor Tracking And Notification System

Technology has played an important role in global development, however, there is still a large scope for improvement and lot to achieve in terms of implementation. Tracking people, assets, objects, etc. in real time in large venues such as shopping malls, theme parks, airports, convention centers, etc. is still a challenge every technological architect goes through.

Indoor tracking apps which work with beacon technology broadcasting with the help of surrounding Bluetooth, WiFi or Ultrasonic equipment can identify information about a large facility in real time and delivers it to the visitors in their Smartphone. Isn’t it something? In fact, it’s a lot for a lay man/woman (visitor).

3. Indoor Tracking And Analytics

With indoor tracking services, not just tracking of assets, objects, and people are made possible but also the number of the footfall of visitors visiting the venue on a given day, the impressions created based on each individual service, store, stall, etc. and also the revisits of visitors will be tracked and documented to prepare more effective strategies in future visits.

The other benefits of indoor tracking and analytics are as follows:

  • Gives accurate footfall number and flow of the entire building and store.
  • Visitor wait time will be cut down, henceforth, customer satisfaction is certain.
  • The overall traffic that stepped in to your facility will be identified and be recorded.

Indoor Tracking and Analytics for Any Industry

Officially developed for navigation and locating assets in large facilities, these apps can also detect all the mobile devices that are connected via the app within the facility, regardless of the industry. This adds up as an additional benefit for the visitors as they can be completely aware of the people with whom they have come to the venue position and can monitor according to their choices.

Indoor Tracking and Analytics for Retail, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Office Spaces, Airports, Public Venues and Many More

Now that the times have changed and the majority of masses don’t mind forgetting their wallets and purses but seriously get paranoid if their Smartphones are misplaced or forgotten by any chance, apps like these become very important for metrics such as number of visitors visited, engagement time, and eventually the bottom line extracted for the venue from each and every visitor. Also, apps like these can show the visitors how effective and smart the management of the facility is by instantly responding to them via the same apps.

Picture Credits: Martech Today

The Impact of Indoor Tracking Apps

Technology might not be helpful for all the populace. But business taking place in large facilities such as airports, hospitals, educational facilities, resorts and many more such facilities have as huge and effective impact due to technology without any doubt, also technology is going to be more upgraded day by day and it is certain that it will stay for a long time to come whether you use it or no, it is here to stay.

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