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Free Live Chat Softwares For Business Owners

Every business owner who sincerely cares for his customers’ or potential customers’ needs, would wish to serve them through any channel of customer support service available to them. However most of them nowadays prefer to connect through live chat customer service because through this medium they can provide service to all the customers wherever in the world they are. This helps them not only in transcending geographical boundaries but also serve different time zones as well. Live Chat feature also provides authenticity to the business as well as give business owners an insight into their customers’ choices and preferences.

There are several of such online live chat softwares that can improve your platform. Although some of them paid ones, there are various other free platforms available for this purpose. In this article, we would be presenting the ten best live chat software you can employ to improve your business and enlarge your customer base.

10 Best Free Live Chat Softwares

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is the best software you can try out on your website. It usually appears as a small window that pops up either below or above the screen when customers view your website. It is a chat where viewers can type in questions which could be attended from your end by your customer care agent. Your agent can also see the people viewing your website and talk to them first, to gain their attention. LiveChat software is very easy to add to your website by integrating additional HTML codes into the website.

The benefits of this software include its impeccable customer service, quality user experience, and instant feedback, which in turn helps to impress your users at the very first go so that they do not have to bother checking out the details from your webpage. They can get it all from a live customer representative.

However, even though the software looks perfect, LiveChat has its downsides. Not everyone is computer-savvy and definitely, not everyone can enjoy using this chat. In addition, it works better for computer users and might take up the entire screen when used by mobile users.

2. Pure Chat

Pure Chat has been considered by some as the best software to be employed by small and medium scale businesses. They have mobile applications available for both Android and iOS phones. This implies that the users and agents can see their messages on time, giving rise to a better quality chat experience. It has a pro version as well that costs $79. Added feature available in this version includes getting visitor analytics. But the poor design of the user interface of this software is one thing most of its users complain about.

3. Olark

Olark was founded in 2009 and currently serves thousands of customers. They offer a free trial of their software for 14 days which allows you to use all the features. After the trial period is over, there’s a free version available for you to communicate with 20 different customers per month.

Compared to the others, this looks a bit low. But the software possesses several good features such as the chat automation that lets you send messages automatically to people visiting specific web pages. You also have the option of blocking the chat from being accessed by people in certain locations where you don’t offer services.

4. LiveAgent

The company was launched in 2007 and the head office is located in Slovakia. They are widely used by business owners mostly in Eastern Europe. They have pretty impressive features which several other softwares lack, is the video chat option.This helps the businesses in judging their customers as good as they can do personally.

LiveAgent is great for medium and large scale enterprises with lots of customer care agents. With the option of direct personal interaction between the users and the agents, communication flows easier. This software targets customers who are highly skilled in using the internet technology and can perform voice/video calls. With this software, the customer can also opt for the language of their choice.

5. Tidio

Tidio is a recently developed live chat software that has already come into competition with some of the older softwares on good grounds. Its free version allows unlimited chat for up to 3 agents in a company. In addition, they have mobile applications for Android as well as iOS devices with the option to work in any preferred language. The concept of free plans is quite lucrative as it possesses strong benefits for smaller businesses. Even the paid plans are also pretty cheap, costing only about $15 per month and have certain unique features such as agents being able to see the live visitors list, etc.

6. Smartsupp

Smartsupp is the Czech live chat software that stands out amongst its peers. They help businesses improve by recording every action observed in your site. This is good for proper optimization of your website as it allows you to understand what needs upgrading . They possess a free plan being operated by over 7000 users, that allows unlimited chats and unlimited agents. This is a very good option for websites that take every data into consideration while developing their businesses.

7. Chatra

Chatra is an Israeli company that has put in quite a lot of effort to bring about the best chat software in the market. They have mobile applications for Android and IOS phones that supports several languages. Their free plan has unlimited chats for a single agent and upgrades can be done at only $15 per month.

8. ZenDesk Chat

ZenDesk Chat was not the original name used by the company. Initially, it started as Zopim. Later on, Zopim was purchased by the large helpdesk company ZenDesk. ZenDesk live chat software is available in two different plans. The free version allows only one chat at a time. You don’t have the ability to take to several viewers which is a great disadvantage to large businesses with lots of agents. The paid plan starts at $14 per gent. There are higher prices depending on the functionality. A notable feature of ZenDesk Chat is the ability to track live visitors as they tour the website.

9. MyLiveChat

MyLiveChat is a free software that can be employed by small scale enterprises. They provide unlimited free chats for agents. Their user interface design is not the best and can use some enhancement. It is an excellent choice for companies who do not wish to invest a significant amount of money in live chat options.

10. HubSpot

This is essential for those businesses who are interested in using a live chat option along with free sales, marketing and service tools. HubSpot is not focused on only chat alone and provides several other benefits to help both the customers and the business owners.

They have bots integrated into their chat software that can help in creating schedules, tickets, etc. Its pricing makes it a very reasonable option for every type of company.

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