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Why do companies use IPv4?

When the IPv4 was first launched, few people believed that it has the potential to be used by billions of users. Now the number of users has reached around 4 billion and some of the addresses are getting depleted. However, companies have numerous benefits if they continue to use IPv4. This article will focus on some of the most important ones.

It comes with an expansive range of video content

The growing number of Internet users have started to take over online networks worldwide and the main effect is that they have led to slow and inefficient browsing and data transfer. Companies have a great solution to solve this problem with the help of IPv4, they can benefit from enhanced functionality. IPv4 addresses are continually redefined and upgraded to meet the needs of the market.

It facilitates large routing tasks

The functional routers offered by IPv4 form the base of the Internet people know today. IPv4 relies on features like flat and hierarchical routing to deliver a high-quality experience to its users. Because it is an exceptional structure, the users have access to simple but effective connectivity on various devices. These addresses do not even need a Network Address Translation in order to function on robust firewalls. This is one of the most important reasons why companies prefer to lease IPv4.

It excels at security features

Companies worldwide consider security a crucial feature. Lately, they focus their efforts on enhancing this feature and they can meet their purpose with the help of IPv4. The IPv4 addresses are not depleted because they are not safe. This internet protocol was safe since the very first moment of existence and continues to remain secure. In fact, considering the advances in technology and the high-quality of data encryption, the protocol has only become stronger than it was in terms of security.

IPv4 will remain a strong presence on the market

First, it is important to note that IPv4 remains in the top of preferences of companies because it provides scalability and flexibility options. The companies that have large data communication needs consider these options extremely useful. But now with the advent of IPv6, some people may have second thoughts that IPv4 will remain on the market. Yes, the transition is inevitable, because the number of IPv4 addresses will soon reach its limit, but it will definitely remain on the market for a very long period. The main problem is that there is no compatibility between the two internet protocols. IPv4 nodes are not able to communicate with IPv6 nodes, and considering that the majority of devices used by companies are using IPv4 as their internet protocol system, they will not be able to complete the transition. Therefore, companies will have to stick with the IPv4 for the moment.

Second, it has been found a resolution to the IPv4 exhaustion. Internet service providers have found a temporary solution to this problem; the users will share their addresses. When a party no longer uses an IPv4 address, they have the possibility to sell it to a company that needs it. In addition, companies nowadays have the opportunity to lease IPv4 addresses therefore, there is no reason the protocols not to remain on the market.

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