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The Evolution of iPhone Repair and Fix Common User Problems at a Glance

In a nutshell, the iPhone is everything. Lyrically, it is a pocket camera, a mini-computer, a radio, a personal video-man and a communicator. This is only a few of uses aka features of an iPhone, virtually the list is endless. It can be a business partner, a scheduler, a job creator and a personal assistant as well. iPhone Series is one of the most successful products in the whole decade. Apple has now sold over a billion iPhone to the customers. Presently, we have a wide range of iPhones available for a customer looking forward to buying new devices.

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Descending List of Trending Models:

  1. iPhone XS
  2. iPhone XS Max
  3. iPhone XR
  4. iPhone X
  5. iPhone 8
  6. iPhone 8 Plus
  7. iPhone 7
  8. iPhone 7 Plus
  9. iPhone 6s
  10. iPhone 6s Plus
  11. iPhone SE

Note: All the mentioned product offer a wide variety of different features, and they have different prices

The Recommended iPhone XS

Among the plethora of available models, as indicated in the lists, the recommended one is iPhone XS. It is no doubt the best iPhone you can buy today. The iPhone XS offers you a plus-sized best display screen, fantastic camera technology and superb finishing. For most people, the iPhone XS is a perfect fit. The phone is the latest product offered by Apple and it been called as ‘future-proof’. In case if you are using an iPhone X already then this phone is not for you. Though it would be fantastic to upgrade from the previous model, because of the following reasons:

  • Edge-to-Edge Display
  • Most advanced Camera
  • Depth-aware front facing the camera
  • Large Screen In Small Body

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Although the new model of iPhone is just entered the market, for example, iPhone XS and XR but we are looking forward to a fantastic new iPhone in 2019. The all new Apple iPhone 11 or Apple Xi is likely to be released by this September 2019.

Like any other electronic device, the iPhone by Apple is also subjected to miss-function from time to time. Often it is reported that iPhone failure caused severe damage to user business. Quality should be the function of design. It is true for all electronic devices. The apple guarantees high-quality items, but physical damage can happen to any phone any time. Although, an Apple device can take a good fall something the loss after the fall does not affect the external body but the internal component. In case you accidentally dropped your phone from a height or dropped into water then there is a possibility that your phone might never work.

Tips on Saving a Phone after Facing a Drop into Water

The standard issue faced by a user of the iPhone is an accidental drop into water or spilling water on iPhone etc. In such cases, it is rare for an iPhone to break under such circumstances, but 100% data lose it possible. Also, it is possible that the iPhone might face internal component damage due to water. Such an incident can leave a significant impact on the iPhone user, but there is also a chance to save data and the phone. Nowadays, there is a plethora of only assistance available in such cases. Although it is recommended to perform a quick DIY (do it yourself) before taking your phone to any Apple iPhone / apple ipad repair and replacement service provider.

List of Steps Aka DIY To Do on Your iPhone Facing Water Damage

  1. DO NOT TURN IT ON: One of the primary causes of permanent issue on iPhone internal component is that most of the time user tries to switch on the device to see it is still working. This should be avoided because it can cause a short circuit in the internal components. Take a while and then try to restart the phone.
  2. REMOVE THE ACCESSORIES: If you are facing the issue on your iPhone like water damage, then it is essential to remove the phone case and even screen protection. It is because liquid gets trapped between the chassis and the situation.
  3. WIPE IT DRY OUT: Use a clean, dry and soft cloth, for example, a cotton material piece to gently wipe water off the phone. You can use cotton ear buds to get into an incredibly quiet area like the power port.
  4. REMOVE THE SIM: With soft hands remove the SIM tray and dry off any liquid from that area.C:\Users\N.S\Desktop\New Images\iphone-x\iPhone-7.jpg
  5. DO NOT USE HAIR DRYER: Many users face issues of water damage which they try to fix (dry off the water) using a hairdryer. A common myth is that hair dryer can help you to dry off the water. The fact is that it spread the water further in the device.
  6. USE SILICON: One of the working ways to perform DIY at home while facing water damage is to put your device in a plastic box full of silica bags. Make sure to leave the iPhone in the box for at least 48 hours.

When Nothing Works

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It could be one of the possibilities that even after completing your DIY project at home your phone is still not turning back on. When an iPhone faces water damages, it is reported by users that their 100% data is wiped clean. Other reported permanent battery issues, startup issues and intermittent crashes. If you are facing such matters or any different kind of problems on iPhone and if you have tried all the other DIY then probably it is time to take your phone to repair. Also, to get 100% digital data back. Apple has recently acknowledged that the SLOWNESS In the performance of some iPhone could be caused due to old batteries unable to power up devices properly. The lithium-ion batteries used in iPhone are subjected to various issues. For example, their strength weakens over time. This would cause a smart phone to turn off suddenly. Also, it is a significant issue behind degraded battery life.

iPhone Black Screen of Death

Another problem faced by the user of the iPhone is what now named as ‘black screen of death’.

  1. It is due to impact damage
  2. While replacing LCD, battery connectors were not removed
  3. Poor Quality of LCD and Battery used.
  4. Unusual Electric discharge

An iPhone could face a black screen of death issue without any of the above-mentioned causes. Most of the iPhone LCD’s screen uses 20 volts to light up. Sudden power flow can blow off the backlight circuit component.

The aforementioned issues can happen for anyone at any particular point of time. There could be some other problems which the user can face while using an iPhone. If you encounter any issue on your phone, make sure to check with experts and professional assistance available online. With experts, it is easy to get a complete solution without any hassle. Furthermore, be careful while trying DIY at home. Get perfect service on your iPhone and get 100% data recovery. Remember, to tell the details of the issue to the experts.

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