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Palestinian and Romanian organizations engage in partnership to boost their region’s IT sector

It may not be known be everyone, but the truth is that Palestine and Romania have IT sectors that are truly evolving. And now, thanks to a partnership established by organisations of the two countries, that growth can happen hand-by-hand, with the sharing of knowledge and skills between the two continents.

The partnership, signed on January 28 on the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, forged an agreement between the Cluj IT Cluster and the Rawabi Foundation, which aims to establish a business relationship between the two regions, in order to evolve their IT respective IT sector ecosystem.

More specifically, there will be a sharing of mutual support for the development of startups and businesses, thus stimulating innovation and incubation of new ideas. The support will include mentorship, marketing support, investment assistance and more, including the sharing of their respective networks and market access channels.

This agreement marks the first ever partnership established by the Rawabi Tech Hub, while it also marks the first partnership done by the Cluj IT Cluster in the Middle East. Bashar Masri, founder of the new city of Rawabi , commented on the importance of this partnership for the region:

“Today’s agreement with the Cluj IT Cluster is a very strong beginning, mutually beneficial for both the Palestinian and Romanian ICT communities. We will share our respective core competencies in the tech and programming sectors, leveraging that knowledge exchange to each build the foundations of a globally competitive ICT sector.”

Alexandru Tulai, vice president of the Cluj IT Cluster, shared his excitement over this agreement:

“The technological dimension of ‘digital transformation’ is not, paradoxically, the dominant one. The fundamental role lies in the cultural dimension, in all its aspects and depth. And the place where this need is felt more and more are our communities, including virtual ones. That is why we intend to develop a strong partnership with the city of Rawabi in this direction, including a ‘winning’ relationship at the level of local and regional communities.”

This partnership can indeed have a big impact on both regions, and the fact that two evolving regions can be brought together to help each other growing and striving as much as possible should not only be praised, but also encouraged, so that other regions could achieve the same.

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