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3 Artificial Intelligence Myths Most People Believe Are True

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting scientific disciplines. Most of the time, the excitement is for a good reason as great minds in this field have always pushed for the adoption of modern ways of doing things using minimal resources which leads to better efficiency.

But despite everything good that comes with AI, a lot of people are still misinformed on a number of vital issues. In this article, we’re going to debunk three myths about AIs that you probably thought were facts.

Myth 1: AI Will Take Over the World

Humankind is going to be enslaved by robots, and they will rule over the world – sounds familiar? Yeah…right!

AI does not have the capability to truly simulate our brains or any single human trait; this means that it would be impossible for them to rule over a single individual, let alone the entire world. Artificial Intelligence is a creation of humans, and as such, it can’t function without us.

However, on the brighter side, these forms of technology can be quite handy to humans; they can help create new business models, simplify processes, and improve efficiency in various sectors of the economy.

In reality, there is a zero chance of an apocalyptic, but what we can expect is a better society with more efficient ways of doing things including business, transport, even entertainment, and so much more.

Myth 2: AI Will Get People Fired!

I personally love this one. But don’t get me wrong, I have never been a fan of witnessing massive layoffs by companies in a bid to “improve” operations.

But here’s how this notion made it to my myths list…

There’s no doubt that any business strives to conduct its operations in the fastest, most accurate, and less expensive ways. This has led to the automation of many processes in many sectors including banking, hospitality, education, and so on. Ultimately, this has led to massive layoffs; but we can’t simply see it as a straightforward shift of labor from humans to machines. Picturing it that way is a vast oversimplification.

Past revolutions have resulted in the improvement of the quality of life of employees. Automation has replaced humans who previously performed numerous repetitive tasks. Contrary to what most doom-monger preach, this has led to an increase in employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector while reducing product costs and increasing efficiency. In the end, individuals end up spending time in more rewarding and fulfilling pursuits.

 Myth 3. AI Is Being Developed Only by Huge Companies

It’s true that the technology behind AI is very complex, but this does not mean that things such as future self-driving cars, robots, or autonomous drones will only belong to large companies with huge investments.

Artificial Intelligence is not all about monster robots roaming the streets or big drones hovering over our cities; we get to interact with AI each day of our lives but never think of it that way or simply don’t seem to notice. A few examples of artificial intelligence include personal assistants like Siri, search engines ,spam filters, and more. And if you’ve ever received an alert about suspicious activity in your bank account, then you’ve further interacted with a fraud detection AI.


In short, AI has had a huge impact on our lives. It’s making life much easier, our surroundings much safer, and communication more efficient. So, next time you come across any of the above myths, you will now see them for what they truly are.

Are there any myths about artificial intelligence that you know of? Join the conversation in the comment section below.

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