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What are the Damages Covered Under Cell Phone Protection Plans?

Many cell phones accompany a 1-year limited warranty which can be extended after a year. Warranties probably cover manufacturing flaws and hardware malfunctions and glitches, however, most often, do not cover unintentional damages. Insurance costs you extra every month and helps you pay to repair broken screens, liquid damage, and different other fixes.

Cell phone Insurance

Cell protection plans give assurance against a variety of risks and damages to the cell phone. Given that cell phones are electronic devices; they could be more prone to software failures which can frequently render the phone unusable. Other than internal damage, the external damage can likewise occur due to a variety of reasons. Listed down are some of perils and damages which are generally covered under cell phone insurance policies.

  • Damage to the internal parts and workings of the cell phone because of liquid spillage.
  • Hardware failure like breaking down of the touchscreen, headphone jack failures or charging port failures.
  • Damage because of fire or because of the strike, riots, etc.
  • Damage occurred due to malicious intentions.
  • Cracked screens
  • Loss of cell phone because of theft, or burglary or loss of device from locked vehicle or building.
  • Damage to the internal or external parts of the cell phone.

What is Accidental Damage?

Accidental Damage is something that you hear a greater number of times while you are looking for the best cell phone protection deal. It is certain that most of us can get the significance of it from the name alone. In any case, what are the important aspects of accidental damage? We will go deeper in this post with the goal that you know precisely what you are purchasing when you search for cell phone insurance plans.

Basically, accidental damage is when something happens to your property that is totally out of your control. Ordinarily, it is something that other insurance agencies try to add-on to your current plan which is really bizarre; how might you be required to prevent something that is out of your control?

Some examples of accidental damage:

  • Liquid damages: This is the most common amongst the most well-known causes for an accidental damage claim. You would think that people would quit dropping their cell phones yet they never appear to learn.
  • Damage by kids: You are secured regardless of whether they aren’t your kids! You cannot generally consider a kid responsible for their activities. Insurance against accidental damage protects your device.
  • Damage caused by the pets: We all adore animals however they do have a tendency to break our stuff. It is advisable to get protection if you have pets.
  • Electrical Surges: It is unlikely, but happens, especially during the lightning storms. A power overload can damage your phone permanently.

What is not covered?

  • Cosmetic harm: If your cell phone has a couple of scratches yet at the same time works perfectly then we can’t get a replacement. Typical wear and tear fall under a similar category.
  • Damage resulting by putting your cell phone at risk: If you do something like leaving your cell phone anywhere, for example, train or taxi, then the company can’t be held responsible. This is not covered!
  • Damage caused before the insurance plans: Our services are exceptionally good, but not before you subscribe to us. It’s not possible to replace a cell phone for damage that was caused before we started looking for insurance.

The idea of getting a smartphone protection plan is rather recent and relatively few smartphone users know about it, or willing to buy it. Robbery of cell phones has turned into an exceptionally common event, making it even more imperative for users to protect their devices. For higher-end cell phones, this insurance is progressively vital as they are lucrative targets for thefts.

In the course of a few years, the cell phone industry has experienced gigantic changes. From being an item of luxury, cell phones have now turned into a need, helping us in nearly everything that we do. At the point when originally introduced, cell phones offered exceptionally essential features. However, the cell phones being rolled out now are equipped to enable you to deal with your whole personal and professional life on a device.

Instead of earlier years, customers are currently spending more than ever on cell phones, the expense of which can easily stretch up to a lakh. Such as other valuable products, a cell phone as well, is at potential risk of being stolen. Besides burglary, being an electronic device, cell phones are extremely inclined to software or hardware failure which may occur because of some accidents, drop liquid spillage, screen cracks, or various different reasons. Considerably, it is wise for you to get your cell phone insured, to help protect in the event of any internal or external harm which might be caused to the device.

Some benefits of Cell Phone Insurance

Considering the dependency that today’s generation has on their cell phones, cell phone insurance can be your closest companion. Listed down are some of the benefits which cell phone insurance plans give, making it, even more, a necessity these days.

  • You have recently purchased a costly cell phone and you wish to protect it from damage or loss, some cell phone protection policies can help you in such a manner.
  • A cell phone insurance policy is a brilliant buy if you hold a history having lost or broken your past mobile phones.
  • Depending on the plan which you take, you can get a substitution for your stolen or damaged cell phone.
  • If you depend more on your cell phone for your everyday use and would require a quick replacement in case of damage, smartphone protection would be of great help.

Well, as we know cell phones come with default manufacturer warranty and it lasts for one-year. When the manufacturer warranty terminate you need to buy insurance plans or extended warranties for your device. This is viable option to keep your device safe and secured in the long run.

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