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Published on February 27th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Seven of the Top Website Design Trends for 2019

Let us be honest, what is trending today in website design will not be the coolest craze for too long. This means that it is never a simple task to tell in advance what the next top website design trends will be as the digital industry keeps on changing all the time. So, here are seven of the top trends to keep your eye on this coming year.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become More Personal

Artificial intelligence is currently a very popular topic both around the conference and dinner table. This year we might just see machine learning developing and improving analytics even further. Analytics has leaned more towards a reactive way of doing things in the past. For instance, data would be recorded and it would then only be used later. Now the hope is that in the future the focus will shift towards the capturing of the data regarding how users are using a specific application. The result will be that the user experience can get boosted by getting websites to make changes on their own.

So, in other words, an app will be able to make changes to itself so that the perfect user experience gets offered to a particular user according to the data that is available on that specific user. The end result will be really personalised websites that act in different ways by displaying different features when a different user is interacting with it.

As explained by Magicdust, a Sydney website design company, an intuitive visitor experience will always remain one of the essential features of every good website. At the end of the day all the motivations and requirements of your users should at all time be your priority whenever you are creating a website. You should try to think of the questions that your website visitors might have and then see to it that they can access these answers without breaking sweat. This is going to optimised more and more through real time artificial intelligence.

Voice Interfaces Will Become Even More Popular

You do not have to look any further than Siri and other voice assistants to know that voice interfaces are for sure not going anywhere any time soon. After all, it is estimated that more than 30 million Americans make use of voice activation at least once a month.

So, voice search is for sure becoming more popular and very quickly too. As a matter of fact, experts strongly believe that in a couple of years more or less half of all searches will be made via voice searches.

Search by voice.jpg

The increasing popularity of voice searches and voice assistants means that they will most likely become a built-in feature of all applications. As a result website designers and app developers will have to make sure that they can provide a smooth user experience as more and more people have become used to using their voices when playing around on the wonderful world wide web. This will count for web apps too! In the future people might just instruct dear old Alexa or Siri to read the latest post of their favorite blog to them or perhaps even read out loud their Facebook feed.

Accessibility Will Be an Essential Feature

In today’s day and age accessibility should be an essential feature of website design. Long gone are the days that it can be regarded as a nice-to-have element! As a matter of fact, accessibility is already becoming increasingly popular – a development that will for sure continue this year.

It does not matter if it will be driven by web design practices that will concentrate more on accessibility in a natural way or if legislation and governments will play a more direct role by insisting on it. Either way, the end result will be more apps that are more accessible.

Augmented Reality (AR) Will Enjoy Great Success

This new year augmented reality (AR) will grow and become even more popular. Augmented reality might already be not so unusual anymore (just think about Snapchat filters). However, in the future it will not only be used in games and social media but typical apps that you use on a daily basis as well.

What makes augmented reality so great is that you do not need to use a heavy headset to be engaged completely as is the case with virtual reality. Instead, you can enjoy the dazzling effects of augmented reality with the phone that you use every day.

Why cannot we use augmented reality on the web too? Now that is the question that begs to be answered! There is no reason why augmented reality should only be used with mobile apps. By providing augmented reality via a web app without first having to install it as a native app, the user experience can be so much better.

Mobile-first Indexing Will Play a Bigger Role

It should come as no real surprise that mobile-first indexing should receive more attention this year as mobile devices are currently responsible for more than half of all web traffic (and it is only going to become more). As mobile-first indexing is still such a new concept, it is rather tricky to predict what its future holds. However, what is safe to say is that speed will for sure play a crucial role. What is more, truly responsive websites that are completely functional and load fast will receive even more attention this coming year.

So, it is key that website design agencies pay more attention to creating better mobile websites and improving the user experience for those users who opt to make use of a mobile device as opposed to a desktop. Although the future of mobile-first indexing is not yet completely clear, it will most likely emphasise being able to provide your potential customers a website that loads quickly and is simple to navigate.

As a matter of fact, Google detests websites that take forever just to load and with very good reason. If you have a slow-loading website, it is one of website design changes that you must make immediately. Your website might look really impressive, but if it does not load quickly those who visit your website will only grow annoyed and will then hop on over to another website.

So, all things considered, it makes sense why Google wants website designers to create better websites.

Smaller Apps

It is small wonder that this new year website developers will start to focus on the size of apps again. The ultimate goal would be to see how small you can make an app. This used to be an important factor, but lately frameworks received a bit more attention.

So, why is the size of an app so important? After all, bandwidth has improved a lot, right? At the end of the day it is key to keep in mind that there are still users who have to put up with slow Internet speed – not to mention expensive data too. So, when web developers start to focus on creating apps that are a lot smaller, apps will begin to feel faster again and more people will be able to use it.

Developers Will Develop Too

This coming year web design agencies could experience that their staff will show a greater deal of variety. The reason for this is that what is perceived as your typical web developer will evolve.

For example, thanks to coding camps more people who would not typically have an opportunity to expand their knowledge regarding web development and programming will get the necessary exposure enabling them to learn brand new skills. So, by concentrating on learning the essential tools and ideas regarding web development, almost anyone can become a competent developer. Plus, if these “new” developers continue to expand their skills and knowledge while working at a website design agency, it is even better.

If this trend is actually here to stay it will help to create a group of diverse web developers. In short, this will be a win-win situation for all!

A Few Final Thoughts

These seven website design trends are by no means the only trends to be on the lookout for this year. There are many more website design predictions for 2019 and one thing is for sure, industry experts and users can look forward to a couple of thrilling changes in the wonderful world of website design. In short, one thing that is clear is that your website should provide a great user experience. From brand new web design tools to more machine learning, it is going to be one interesting year…

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