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Published on February 2nd, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


4 Ways Custom Lanyard Printing Could Benefit Your Business

Often overlooked the humble lanyard can be a valuable tool in establishing a connection between customers and your brand. Bespoke lanyard printing with first-class innovation and a novel sense of styles conveys an essence of professionalism and creativity.

The beauty of a lanyard lies in its versatility. It can be customised to your exact specifications to accurately represent you and your business in a way that’s conducive to growing your brand. In short, a snappy lanyard could be just the marketing kick your business needs.

Here in this article we will discuss 4 ways that a simple lanyard could benefit your business.

custom lanyard printing


A lanyard is all too often overlooked. When the marketing budget is discussed, business lanyards are usually omitted. This is often a mistake. Marketing is (or should) be predominantly focused on brand awareness. A well-designed lanyard can attract new business really strengthen your brand identity. Of course, there is also the practical aspect, it’s a simple way to identify and segregate employees.

It also offers a convenient way to store, keys, cards, or other items that may be prone to loss. So, a lanyard is a great multi-use tool that should never be discounted. From a security perspective, this simple device makes companies, schools and other grounds a safer plasce to be. With a simple glance, a security agent can confirm whether or not your authorised to be on premises.

Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand identity is one of the most important aspects of your company. It defines the company and reflects the company philosophy. A well-designed lanyard with the right visual elements such as logo and slogan can be a simple way to effectively convey your message.

The great thing about printed lanyards is the can be customised to great extent to really capture your message.Everything can be changed from the colour and material to the text and logo.

So, for those employees who regularly interact with people outside of the business, the neck strap is a unique marketing tool. Many businesses choose to give away lanyards also as part of promotions as another way to boost brand awareness.


Lanyards make it so that many businesses run much more effectively. They give off a sense of professionalism and organisation. But perhaps more important is the ability of a printed lanyard to boost your networking.

A quality lanyard can enhance your networking opportunities greatly. It’s a great way to capture the attention of your peers and get people talking about your company. Giving a custom lanyard away to audiences can be a very effective method of ensuring that your company brand is always in front of consumers.

Increasing Brand Visibility

Getting your brand recognised is often the biggest challenge for any company and marketing can be an infinitely expensive. But, there are cost-effective ways to put your brand in front of the masses with minimal effort. Printed lanyards are one such method. They are a simple, yet highly effective way of getting your brand the recognition it deserves.

Look around you at any conference or event and you’ll notice that most of the big names will have everything personalised: from their pens, to their notepads and everything in between. Many of which they will give out free to people. This is not just an aesthetic choice. It’s a clever marketing tactic. People will bring home the merchandise from these shows and from that point on, will have a constant reminder of the brand in their home.

Furthermore, if your custom lanyard is eye-catching enough, it will entice people to discuss it and what it represents. This is why we recommend a professional plastic card & lanyard printing company such as CardLogic These companies can work with you to help you design your bespoke lanyard from the ground up for a low-cost.

The Bottom Line

Whether its building your brand, sending a message to clients or boosting customer loyalty, a high quality custom printed lanyard is one of the cheapest, most effective ways of doing so. Available in all sorts of colours, materials and styles, its simple to find the perfect custom lanyard to suit your business or persona.

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