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VPN Speed Test Shows Promise for Heavy Users

Heavy internet users, like online gamers, streamers, and all people who have to download and upload huge amounts of data often cannot enjoy the benefits of VPNs. It’s a very big issue considering that they require the protection offered by these apps more than an average person. However, the VPNs of today are hardly fast, which means they make working with heavy traffic nearly impossible. This might change in the future, but today one needs to choose the right kind of VPN app to get the benefits with minimal speed limitations.

Why Heavy Users Need VPNs That Fit Their Needs

The main reason why heavy internet users require VPNs today is that these apps allow you to go around geographical locks. Many governments today get stricter in controlling the online content allowed within their country borders (Independent). This issue is combined with the fact that streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, restrict their content to specific locations as well. Therefore, many internet users whose heavy traffic comes from watching shows online are unable to access the shows they want due to living elsewhere. It’s the same with the services broadcasting sports events.

Online gamers also face the problem of geo-locks. Without a VPN they are unable to access servers restricted to some countries. Therefore, their ability to play is greatly diminished.

A VPN allows you to ‘trick’ the system into believing that you are actually located within the non-restricted zone. Therefore, the majority of heavy users simply cannot go without it.

VPN Security Benefits: Keeping Your Online Privacy Up

One also shouldn’t forget that there is another important benefit to using a VPN, which is increased security. A VPN app encrypts your data, thus making every session more secure. Depending on the type of work you do online, this might also be an essential benefit for heavy internet users.

However, you need to be aware that not all VPNs can be trusted. Some of them are downright vicious and aim to steal your private information. Therefore, you also need to know how to recognize an online scam. Watch for the warning signs when you are researching the app you plan on using. Always read the Terms and Conditions completely to make sure there are no loopholes for the app provider to exploit.

VPN Speed Now and in the Future

Despite all the benefits of VPNs they have one huge problem, which is a deal breaker for heavy users. This problem is speed and the sad fact is that today even good VPN speed isn’t great. The way this system works as well as the speed of internet connections make it impossible to make your VPN as fast as your regular session. Therefore, to find the best option today, you’ll need to compare ping scores and download speed in 2019. By doing this, you’ll be able to find the fastest app to use for maximum comfort. As heavy users require speed above all, they need to perform this particular test often. VPN apps evolve fast, so the one that was best in 2018 or even a month ago might not be the fastest today.

However, the overall prognosis for VPN speeds is very good. First of all, according to statistics, the general internet connection speed has been steadily increasing worldwide. In the US, for example, it has gone up from 2.1 Mbps in 2011 to 7.2 Mbps in 2017 (Statista). The rise of 5G technology also contributes to this development as it signifies that mobile connections will soon be just as fast.

VPN apps advance as well and with every new update the speed reduction decreases bit by bit. As the speed of connection grows, this particular slow-down will soon become negligible. It’s true that VPNs will continue to bring your speed down for years yet. However, this definitive progress proves that even heavy users might be able to overlook this issue soon. Therefore, they will be able to fully benefit from all the perks of using a VPN.

Until that time, people who require the extra security and access to locked content have to use a variety of tricks to speed up their VPNs. The most effective of these are:

  • Choose an app that allows for maximum speed.
    VPN apps aren’t made equal, so research the options thoroughly before choosing the one you need. Heavy users should look for apps with multiple servers close to their geographical location. You should also look into the protocols used by the app as some allow to switch to less secure but faster options.
  • Pick a server closer to you.
    The majority of VPN apps have dozens of servers spread all over the world. You need to use a service that allows you to monitor how busy those are and pick one manually. Choose the least busy server closest to you to minimize speed reduction.
  • Hook up to the wired connection.
    Wireless internet connections are slower by default. Therefore, hook up your device directly to the cable in order to get maximum speed even with a VPN.

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