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Top Trends in Cloud Security to Look Out in 2019

In the digital world, the organizations are changing rapidly and becoming more susceptible to cyber-attacks than ever. The only way to protect your company’s integrity and finances by complete cloud security. Data security has become a priority in organizations, where a huge amount of business owners are turned towards cloud solution platforms. Gradually, it has become evident for cloud infrastructures to have more security compared to legacy systems.

We are getting familiar with cloud computing. Majority of enterprises are moving their critical workloads to the cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms. The cloud service providers are responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all the services offered by the cloud with the help of the shared responsibility model for cloud security. Also, the cloud customer is responsible for monitoring risk configurations, suspicious network traffic, and anomalous user activities. There are some top cloud security trends in the market which can be followed to bypass them.

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Increase in Scale and Velocity

Credential compromises are growing in particular because the organizations have potential cloud accounts. Hence, the organizations need to enforce strong governance to access clear policies and operate with the mindset.

It does not matter if the account has attempted compromise and so the companies must implement monitoring to detect and respond to suspicious reports. Bringing vulnerabilities into open-source programming by means of source-code stores is a powerful assault technique since numerous downstream clients utilize open-source programming without investigating it or testing it themselves. A boundless trade-off of this way isn’t impossible and maybe only what drives more organizations to utilize constant powerlessness examining instruments.

Advanced Analytics

The security solutions are available in the market such as security information and data loss prevention tools which are now widely used to create a colossal amount of data by making it extremely critical to spot data breaches.

Organizations opt for the analytics tools that can efficiently target the threats and suspicious activity to sensitive data and also gain extra knowledge about the data breaches across the IT environment. Monitoring doesn’t mean to invest only in software but it is a 24×7 ongoing process of reviewing, assessing, and fostering the cloud security protections. It is estimated that cloud security will become a mainstream strategy for business firms to redefine the evaluation of threat in cybersecurity. Organizations make a continuous real-time assessment of risks to informed decisions about their security guards.

Inner Attacks

The human mistakes are considered as the prime reasons behind most of the data breaches be it intentionally or unintentionally. This signifies that even though the organization has robust defenses such mistakes make every security guard insufficient. Once, the data gets breaches it takes about months or years to discover back and increases the challenge of securing integrity and security.

We all are aware of the hype of crypto currencies like Bitcoin in the past; crypto jacking attacks began to occur from here. As the market value of crypto currencies got dropped, the malicious activity detection capabilities have increased which has reduced these attacks in number. The organization should start to provide a better security guard for the servers in order to prevent such attacks.

Self-managed cloud encryption

It is easier for the developers to deploy, manage and scale applications or bulk of data. The big data company also records and tracks these data by prevalence managed container services.

There will be still some security threats but as long as you are managing these container services, it is easy to fend off with the basic security. Self-guided encryption keys can give extra power over information get to, give extra review clearness, encourage meet strategy or administrative prerequisites, or give a proportion of authority over supplier get to.

Notwithstanding, in the coming years, there will be instances of client overseen key misusing that lead to prominent information misfortune. Cloud suppliers will keep on working out local key administration abilities, expanding supplier key-oversaw inclusion crosswise over more administrations and offering clients increasingly granular control alternatives.

Blockchain + Cloud Security

The crypto currencies developers solely made the Blockchain to find applications in cloud security which have become the most effective way to deal with the cybercrimes as the data is stored in a decentralized and distributed manner. The strong security of the Blockchain prevents data from external hacking a helps the organizations to protect data as other members in the Blockchain network would detect if any breaches occur.

These choices can give a decent harmony between client control and vigorous toughness and accessibility. So while self-guided key choices will keep on developing, clients will progressively hope to use supplier key-oversaw administrations to deal with their keys.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

On the off chance that your business has occupied with a computerized change, you’ll definitely realize that it very well may be profoundly testing to make total progress to the cloud. Thus, crossbreed mists have turned into an appealing answer for this issue. In 2019, you can expect much increasingly half and half cloud arrangements that will empower organizations to make the progress at their very own pace. This will enable them to diminish hazard, while cost-viably getting to effectiveness and versatility.

The hybrid solutions reduce the number of security tools for your cloud security by lowering the maintenance and overhead with associated support and operational functions. You get consistent protection and optimized visibility for every part of your hybrid cloud security which is designed to address your complexity and security gaps.

Vulnerability Management

The cloud security can become tedious work for the organizations if they take measures from the initial attack stages. It is essential to have proper vulnerability management when you are dealing with the public cloud which benefits over their on-premises peers as cloud service providers update their infrastructure to provide the first line of defense. We see a hype of bringing your own device which seems to bewitch several businesses and methods, also incorporating IoT technology which is not secure either. This has some serious impact on the personal data as they become vulnerable in the process.


To aggregate everything, protecting the organization’s respectability and information security is the hardest activity as each mechanical progression on the planet could be utilized against the organization. Also, if by any stretch of the imagination, organizations need to keep the future cyber-attacks or information breaks, they have to consider cloud security important.

As an expanding number of framework segments turn into the obligation of cloud suppliers, application proprietors will end up managing less with foundation, working framework, and systems administration security. This move in security obligation is amplified in serverless structures, where the main duty regarding application proprietors is in the application layer. Therefore, associations will see an interior move, with significantly less contribution from customary corporate IT security groups in corporate wide abnormal state security techniques.

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