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How Cloud Computing and Data Protection Saves Your Business Data?

Data is a driving fuel of every business today. The potential of optimized utilization of data was not familiar date back. However, cloud computing made it possible and made it easy as well. The promising data management abilities of cloud computing assures a secure space for business data.

According to a survey conducted by IDF by the end of 2016, almost 70% of enterprises have moved to a cloud application, and the rate is rising abruptly. The growing trust in cloud computing is the primary reason that surges the numbers of adopters.

The diversified cloud models that allow all kind of businesses to step into the cloud world is exceptional. Also, the different services such as Software as a service, Platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service helped enterprises to leverage the cloud platform efficiently.

The promising security, flexible operation and scalability of cloud technology allured many businesses owners. Since, the advent of cloud technology, the technological distance between tech giants and small businesses grow shorter epidemically. Also, it opens a specialized job sector who can take care of cloud applications with the certifications like Aws solution architect certification.

The security of data stored in cloud spaces as suspicious and enterprises are afraid of adapting it. Letting the data managed by the cloud service providers arises a feeling of insecurity, and it has refrained them from stepping to the world of cloud computing. However, dramatically, cloud technologies proved to unbeatable when it comes to data security.

A report gathered on early 2108 by Statista says around 45% of enterprises around the world have been using public cloud services at least for one application.

Take a rundown and check what makes cloud technology unbeatable in case of data protection:

  • Data Backup

Data backup is the bug that devours almost half of the budget of enterprises. The high price of servers and its management was a headache. Further, the periodic maintenance and patches coming across the process burdened the small enterprises and crippled them outrightly.

Cloud technologies open a new, affordable and secure storage space. Resolving all hassled on-site server issues, cloud computing paved the road of secure data backup facility that is also free from any vulnerabilities.

The automatic backing up reduced the effort of management and employees to continue their business in case of an unexpected incident.

The process of backup is nothing but uploading our data directly over our cloud infrastructure such as Amazon web service, Microsoft Azure, etc.

  • Business Continuity

It is reported that around 40% of the business encounters a disaster such as natural calamities or system error that erased their data fell from the market irrecoverably.

So, the importance of a backup of data is necessary since we cannot foresee the future. Whether it is good or bad, if we have a backup, we can move on with confidence.

A report by IBM evidently talks about the prospects of cloud computing for disaster recovery and business continuity with better resilience.

Further, the process of business continuity does not end with just the process of backup. Even though cloud computing allows us to upload our data automatically, we have to make sure it includes all the relevant information. Moreover, where it is stored and has it been removed as soon as possible in case of immediate requirement.

  • Data Recovery

The need for data recovery comes when we cannot access the primary storage spaces. According to statista the disaster recovery as a service is estimated to be hit 170 million US dollars by 2020.

Even the enterprises boast of their backup policy and business continuity objectives if they cannot recover the data at the time of requirement everything will go in vain.

Data recovery helps us to access our data at any place according to our requirement.

In addition, the necessity to maintain the backed up data safe and readily available at the demanding time is another tagged task with that. Mostly, every business relies on a third-party cloud service providers to take care of all these tasks.

  • Data Security

The very threat that IT-enabled industries facing for years is the vulnerability of data. Through a thousand trial and errors every day they are trying to seal up the data secure and impenetrable. However, the cunning and shrewd hackers are finding more tactics to crack inside.

However, cloud computing made a difference in this trend. With strong protective layers of security, cloud computing ensures our data safe in its vaults.

From all these information it is evident that data is an inevitable part of every business operation. Leveraging the potential of data resources helps every business to thrive in market outrightly. Hence, the adequacy of data backup and its protection is more necessary for continuing the business.

Moreover, for data protection cloud computing utilized additional tools and encryption protocols to secure the data.

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