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Use PPC and Get the Most of Your Email Marketing


According to experts, it is often found that most marketing teams face a common problem. The members of a marketing team mostly work in a silo. This implies that they do their own bit without bothering to coordinate or find out what the other members of the team are doing. The paid personnel are responsible solely for paid media. Similarly, the SEO guy would be responsible exclusively for SEO. Likewise, the lead nurturer would be responsible solely for email marketing. So you could understand the real problem. No one in the team really has any idea about what the others are doing. However, in reality, you need to promote more cross-functional interaction and communication for robust marketing programs. Here are some effective ways your email marketing program and paid search program could work in cohesion.

Using Paid Search for Fueling Your Email List

Email marketing could be fantastic until you are running out of contacts to shoot emails to. Fortunately, paid search is the most effective way of refueling your funnel with a whole lot of new and qualified prospects. You could demonstrate your ads using PPC to all those searchers who are desperately looking for your type of products and services. In case they click through and visit your website, you could get all their vital email details in the following three ways.

You could consider setting up an email ID form and ask for something simple such as sign up at once for more information or offer a solid incentive such as a whitepaper download, free quote or complimentary trial.

You could grab the purchaser’s email address while the buying process is on. If you have been successful in persuading someone to buy your product or services, make sure to hitch their email before they checkout. This is an effective way of creating a prospective client list for cross-sells, up-sells or even replacement purchases in the times to come.

If you have failed to convince them during their first visit, there is no reason to lose hope. On the landing page itself, you could consider including a call to action for soliciting their email address.

It is the time you thought about ways to expedite an email marketing program and also incorporate it effectively into your PPC and SEO stratagem. You could integrate a number of customizations into your campaign using any good bulk mailer in Mumbai.

Testing Is the Key

Evaluate your calls to action. Your emails may have encountered amazing open rates but they must include a truly compelling and enticing call to action. Otherwise, it would be a wasted opportunity. CTAs play a pivotal role in driving email conversions. Therefore, a lot of time and effort is devoted to coming up with effective and truly convincing CTAs. It is essential to test all newly crafted CTAs. This is a relatively low-risk strategy and does not involve or affect large groups of people instantaneously. Instead, you could go on monitoring their behavior and change directions fast if the test results are not positive.

Integrate Your Email Lists with Your Ad Campaign to Facilitate Identity-based PPC Ads

Identity-based marketing seems to be in vogue. In fact, today it is accessible on a host of networks. It is certainly the most striking trend taking place currently in PPC. It is an amazing conjugation of email marketing and PPC. Advertisers could consider uploading targeted email lists in Twitter, AdWords and of course, Facebook and go on establishing bids or serving ads that have been effectively customized precisely for their prospect segment.


If you have not been making use of your email marketing and paid advertising data as a mutual resource to act as a boost to each other’s success, there is no better time to start than now. B to B magazine revealed that 57% of survey participants agreed that the most qualified leads were delivered to them by email marketing. It is a great idea to try and formulate a watertight email marketing campaign to incorporate into your existing PPC and SEO strategies.


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