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Published on December 15th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Top 5 Checklist for Writing Your College Essay

There are certain things that have to be done when writing an essay, you can’t avoid them. As much as we try to avoid them, we know we just can’t. We are going to break down five of those things to make sure you are on the path to writing a successful essay.


One: Choose the Topic

When you start the essay consider your options in terms of the topic. Look at every option available and make a pros and cons list. Try and understand how you would answer the question. Do you know enough to build an essay on? Granted research is key to writing an essay basic knowledge is always a plus. It also helps to be passionate about what you are talking about and that is something you ask yourself too.

Sometimes there aren’t options and instead, you are stuck with what you are given. When you can choose however it is really a process of figuring out which will be more enjoyable to write, which you know the most about and how difficult it will be to answer the overall thesis.

Two: Understand the topic and do your research

Bleeding into the next step is once you have decided on your topic is immersing yourself in that topic. Research it, understand it and answer your own personal questions. It can be so enlightening to understand the topic for yourself first before even writing it for the sake of an essay. This is where you find a way to connect yourself to the topic and also begin to understand how you will possibly be answering the question.

Research, as stated many times before is an important part to ensure what you are saying, is factual and not opinion based.

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Three: Write the Essay

Awesome, you nailed step one and two now let’s write this essay. You know the drill, kill them with a solid introduction that lays all your cards on the table. Discuss those cards and how they contributed to the overall hand. Conclude it all with a wrap up of everything you said but in an eloquent and informative manner. You need to explain where you started and now where you are ending but most importantly how you got there.

The writing the essay part is always going to be the most complicated but it is one of those things that you metaphorically and literally can’t avoid doing.

Four: Check the Essay and Rewrite

Well look at that first draft done and dusted, look at you sitting back all proud of yourself. Well, stop relaxing time to tear your work to shreds. Yes, you heard me, go over every word, every sentence. See if the essay makes sense, fact check, spell check, etc. Make notes on the essay and then comes the most difficult part of this step.

Rewrite the essay. I know, how could I say such a thing? Simple. Your writing guaranteed will be stronger the second time around keeping in mind the problems with the first draft.

Five: Edit the Essay

Now that it is over you wrote the essay… twice. Now you can edit the essay. You are once again reviewing each and every sentence and word. You are checking for quick improvements, grammar fixes, spelling, and so on. This is the part of the essay that is more for polishing purposes. You want to delete and replace any and all contractions, avoid repetition, throw in better words and just make the essay as better as you can make it.

Hopefully, these are some important steps to any college essay checklist that you write. You need to make it a top priority that these points are done correctly as they can affect the overall quality of the essay and could make it less credible. When someone reads your work, you want them to focus on the essay and the content but not a pesky spelling or grammar error. The reader is essentially marking the paper in the instance of the professor but sometimes these essays are read by other people too and you want to ensure that everything is as perfect as perfect can be.

Well, that is all from me, good luck and do not forget to check, check again and check once more to ensure you did everything necessary when writing your essay. Good Luck!

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