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The Ultimate Roofing Guide To Generate Roofing Leads

Are you satisfied with the leads you are generating currently? If your answer to that question is an emphatic NO, I am pretty sure you will like to know the way forward. Generating leads requires work and by doing the right things consistently, in little or no time it will pay off. Accepting that you need a solution is all the push you need to make a change. In this article, I will be taking you through some of the some of the things you can do to generate the amount of leads you desire for your roofing business.

Here are tips highly recommended by roofing marketing pros to help you with Roofing lead Generation Strategies:

Create A Referral Program


This is one means you can take advantage of when you are trying to generate leads for your roofing business. What you do when you create a referral program is to get your employees or customers active in the marketing arm of the business. How it works is to offer the whoever brings a client an incentive or a percentage out of the payment. For your employees, it serves as a means to make some extra cash different from their salary, which any worker would be happy about Same applies to the customers, just by spreading the word of your roofing services rendered they get rewarded if the prospect also patronizes you. In the long run, it is a win-win situation as both parties – the roofer and employees/customers – get to benefit from each other.

Be Conversant With The Weather

You can’t be in the business of roofing and you’re indifferent about the weather condition in the future. We all know the weather can be a factor that can decide the condition of the roof. It is one way to get ahead of your customers. So it works a great deal to make use of tools that helps you tell the prospective weather condition so as to plan ahead. For example, once you know your vicinity will be getting hit by a storm, you get yourself ready so that when the storm eventually happens, you can pay the homeowners a visit and offer to have their roof checked; they will most likely jump at the offer, if you discover any problem with the roof, then you know you have just added to your clientele because they will most likely have you fix it. Two of the mediums you can use to be abreast of the weather are weather channels and weather apps – one fine example of such app is Storm tracker.

Be Active On Social Media

There is a large customer base waiting to be tapped on social media and by simply doing the right things, you will eventually get their attention. While opening a business page and optimizing it is a great way to get a wide reach, you will need to go extra mile. Be active on social media, try to get involved where there are conversations about roofing. A user complaining about their roof and you being there to provide a solution, could give you an opportunity to poach your services to them. You may have to employ a social media manager to help you be prompt with the posts, messages and to generally help you build a working relationship between your brand and your prospective customers.

Radio & TV Ads

I know we are in a time when digital marketing is considered king but have you taken a time out to know what that means. From the way I see it, a lot of brands have shifted from using Radio & TV ads to heavily investing in digital marketing, which has left a vacuum in the marketing spectrum; because like it or not, there are individuals following TV and radio shows and by strategically placing your ads to correlate with the needs of your prospective customers, you can generate a reasonable amount of leads. What this stresses is that, in the course of generating leads for your business, you should explore all options and not neglect some as you have more chances of generating leads by diversification.

Partner With Another Business

This is one of the best decisions you would ever make for your business. Two businesses that in similar industries will complement each other and become a force to reckon with. For example, you can partner with a real estate agent. Real estate agents have better rapports with homeowners, in cases where the need arises for a roof change or roof repair, the roof agent can simply just poach your services to them. The real estate agent gains from you by getting commissions from every leads he/she brings to you; by so doing, they are motivated to bring more business to you. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Paid Facebook Advertising

It is no longer news that Facebook is one of the largest social networking platform there is. While it is good to open a business page for your business, you may begin to question the essence of doing so when you don’t actualize the amount of leads you expect; this could be because your posts aren’t getting as much visibility.

To salvage the situation, you can pay for Facebook ads to help you reach a wider audience. When your page starts getting enough traffic, the chances of generating leads become higher.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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