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Published on December 30th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


One Simple Tech Solution that will Improve your Board Communications

In corporations and non-profits that have board oversight as part of their organizational structure, directors plays a vital role in ensuring that the executive stays accountable to stakeholders and constituents.

But in order for a board to function as an integrated unit, individual directors need to be able to work closely with each other both in the weeks leading up to the quarterly and annual meetings, and in the long periods in between. This means developing good communication protocols and regularly checking in about board business.

In the 21st century economy, however, developing a good communication strategy can be challenging — not because there are too few channels, but because there are so many. The sheer number of options available can make it difficult to keep board communications centralized and secure.

Common tools like SMS, live chat, and email are infamously susceptible to hacking, and even supposedly secure file sharing options like Dropbox have had serious problems with data breaches in the past.

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Board members cannot carry out their important duties as overseers of their organization if they don’t have a steady stream of data about the organization’s wellbeing and position. But without clear protocols to guide board members in how to send and receive information and network with each other, board communication can all-too-easily become haphazard and disorganized, creating further problems down the line.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of tech solutions designed specifically to help boards of directors manage their business in a streamlined and effective way. One of the simplest but most powerful is board portal software.

Board portal software is a communication tool designed to help board managers disseminate information quickly and straightforwardly. Board portals are digital spaces accessible via desktop or tablet app that serve as a single repository all board-related documents and information.

Directors who are given access to the portal are able to browse the board’s document library, check agendas, annotate reports and memos, and communicate with their fellow board members. Not only does this make it easier for board managers to send out the board book in a timely manner before annual meetings, it also gives directors a chance to clarify information and share notes on upcoming agenda items before the meeting itself.

And because board portals are protected by sophisticated encryption algorithms, boards can share and discuss sensitive information without worrying about surveillance from competitors, governments, or cyber criminals (those who are interested can stop by Aprio to learn more).

For organizations that want to build a more effective board, one of the first and most important steps is to encourage better communication between the members of the board themselves. Portal software is one simple but powerful tool that can help businesses overcome some of the most common pitfalls a board of directors faces.

With sophisticated software tools like Aprio, networking, sharing information, and collaborating on board work is easier than ever before. A board equipped with the latest portal software is a board better position to provide dynamic oversight of the organization for which it is responsible.

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