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Published on January 30th, 2022 | by Bibhuranjan


E-commerce video tips: How videos can help you increase conversion rate for your website

Before getting started: let’s focus on what an eCommerce video actually is.

eCommerce videos are product videos that highlight the features of a product while showing it in action as well. Such videos help business owners showcase the usefulness of their products easily.

Also, such videos are the most preferred way for potential consumers to know more about the product they might be interested in. They are specifically useful for online stores that do not have brick-and-mortar showrooms where people can see their products in person.

Now, when it comes to using videos by eCommerce businesses, there are different videos such businesses can use throughout their site. Nevertheless, it is product videos they must completely rely on, considering that they drive in more sales.

Here are some ways in which videos can help eCommerce businesses in increasing conversion rate on their website:

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1. Customers Engage More with Videos

Since videos are both visual and auditory, they are highly effective in grabbing the viewers’ attention in a number of ways than any other form of content can. It even allows eCommerce businesses to narrate a complete brand story, building emotion, building narrative, and evoking action most effectively.

Since videos are the catch-all for all the other forms of content, including infographics and text, voiceovers, photographs, and more, they can easily engage the viewers as nothing else can.

The movement of the videos stops the viewers on their tracks while keeping their fingers off from scrolling past. This is the reason why it is important to make captivating videos. And make sure the first few seconds of your video are effective enough to hook in the viewers.

2. Videos Boost the Trust of the Consumers in eCommerce Companies

Most of the time, people do not buy a product online because they are not sure what they will get. Will they get as promised, or the color of the product be different?

What sizing is not as featured? The online stores quickly say that their products can do several things and can be helpful for the buyers in several ways. But saying it alone does not stand proof of the usefulness of a particular product. And this is where videos come in!

Videos provide a kind of proof to online shoppers when they are apprehensive of sealing a deal. Showing a product in action makes it easier for the users to imagine themselves using it.

And doing this several times with sufficient videos and products will help build trust and credibility over time.

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3. Perfectly Edited Videos Help Build Trust

Using different varieties of perfectly edited videos outside of your eCommerce business page can be highly effective in building trust. Videos with company logo, slogan, color, font, and values, communicate with the viewers very well and even humanize a brand and its work environment.

Perfectly edited social videos are also efficient at showing the lighter side of an eCommerce business, building more personal connections and engagement with the brand. If you want your videos to stand out among competitors without putting in a lot of effort into making one, why not have your hands on a good online video editor tool? It will help you to create a professional like videos with effects, transition, musics etc.

4. Information Videos Help in Answering the Questions of the Users

Have you recently looked up instructions on playing a game? Or watched a tutorial video on make-up? What about a stunning visual highlighting the steps of connecting a voice-enabled assistant with other devices?

Getting the correct answers to all these questions prior to purchase can make a significant difference. This goes special when these answers are readily available on the check-out page of the product.

eCommerce product videos, when done right, can answer the questions of the users- the questions that can keep them from becoming loyal buyers either consciously or unconsciously.

Almost everything, starting from product features and how it works to integrations and benefits, can quickly be addressed using videos. Informational videos are good at easing out the anxiety and worry of the users about a product not meeting their expectations. Thus, they make beneficial content both for the buyers and the businesses.

5. Videos Offer Improved Omni-Channel Presence

What if a prospective buyer has recently moved to a new place and is looking for a gym? As the customer researches, they stumble on a 15-second visual for a gym that is close to home and even affordable.

The customer decides to look into it a bit further, and on the gym’s site, they find a brand video telling them more about the gym’s dedication and mission. The prospective customer loves this but is not entirely convinced yet.

The prospect further heads to the programs page of the gym site to see what else they can get hold of. There, they find a visual outlining exactly what happens when they sign up for the service.

This is where the magic of videos lies. eCommerce businesses can use videos to guide the experience of their prospective customers right from the beginning till the end. And that too on different digital channels their customers can find them on.

Majority of the buyers shop across different channels- email, social media, website, and more. This means that it is essential for eCommerce businesses to be everywhere they can be, facilitating the proper gathering of useful information and even the purchase procedure.

Nothing can help eCommerce businesses do that better than a good quality video that users prefer overwhelmingly.

6. Videos Are Shared More Than Any Other Type of Content

Of course, there is nothing like word of mouth even in this digitized world, and when this word of mouth or positive review comes in the form of a video, it is even more effective and sales-worthy.

Since videos are shared more on social media platforms than text and links combined, they are one of the best marketing cornerstones for companies of almost all sizes. Additionally, the majority of the customers trust recommendations from friends and family, which means that businesses can bet a socially shared video cam will increase conversion over time.

Final Thoughts

More and more eCommerce marketers are continually using videos because they believe that this kind of content brings in the greatest returns on investment. There is this increased pressure of producing results for less marketing budget, video content offers the most effective plan for enhancing conversions online.

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