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Five Simple Ideas To Help You Remodel Your Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a makeover takes time and effort. Breaking down this titan of a task into manageable but simple chunks will reap rewards in the long run.

When renovating the home, you can sometimes forget that the bathroom needs a little love as well. With all the other focuses during a home makeover from handyman columbia md, the bathroom comes second to the rooms in which you spend more time in. The fact remains that when a bathroom isn’t up to scratch, you’ll undoubtedly notice. Whether it’s a rusting radiator, broken shower grates or the too modest trickle of a shower head, a bathroom’s poor performance will tarnish your interior. A bathroom renovation can be very difficult to navigate, causing massive disruption to your daily routine. Have you ever tried showering in building site? Didn’t think so. That’s why finding efficient, effective ways to spruce it up will get you back to your ablutions in no time at all.

A lick of paint will never hurt

If your bathroom is suffering from dampness or mold, then a lick of paint should do the trick, especially if you use on which has a satin finish or you can even get a wall paint test This will protect against any unwanted accumulations, shielding your walls from the inescapable humidity conjured by a long shower or steamy bath. Always remember that paint is not only there for the aesthetic of your bathroom but built for protection as well.

Regardless, taking time to plan the colour scheme of your bathroom never hurts. Whatever the size, going for brighter colours in the bathroom will make it feel spacious and welcoming. You can check here for more info.

Towel radiators save space

Heating is important in a bathroom. Being hard to calibrate in this room of fluctuating temperatures and sporadic usage, linking it up to the central heating system can lead to needless heating, especially with the already humid temperatures that linger after a long hot shower. The first suggestion then, is to invest in a dual fuel radiator, allowing you to switch between electric and water-based heating in the bathroom, giving you the freedom to heat it how you want, when you want.

Another qualm when heating the bathroom is in the amount of space a radiator can take up. Options like the chrome towel radiator will be multifunctional and stylish, bringing a brightness to the room whilst killing two space starved birds with one practical stone.

Bathroom tiles

Getting the tiles right is no mean feat. Finding the right colours, patterns and materials from Victoria plum to complement the colour scheme and size of your bathroom is key to an attractive bathroom. The positioning is also important, horizontal or vertical patterns can help to make them stand out from the painted walls, whilst personalised designs can transform any bathroom into an upmarket luxury. Bathroom tiles may feel surface, but like that lick of paint command attention and detail.

Counter tops and storage

Another space saving tip is to invest in counter tops and storage. With many compact options available from homeware shops, saving space in the bathroom won’t get any easier than this.


Like with the paint and tiling of a bathroom, the lighting is another important factor in the aesthetics and mood your bathroom captures. Creating a brighter bathroom is the aim of the game, and anything else is the cherry on the cake. Whether it be an extra vanity light on the mirror or strip lighting on the floor, there are plenty of options to illuminate both room and mind in one fell switch.

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