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SignNow – A Comprehensive eSignature Solution 

Recent advancements in the technological field were mostly aimed at making organizational processes simpler to comprehend and regulate. Considering the growing globalization and internalization of the supply chain, this move seems to be reasonable. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the use of big data have significantly influenced modern businesses. And yet, there’s one simple but incredibly convenient tool capable of completely transforming your organization – electronic signatures. This article is your 2020 guide to electronic signatures aimed at revealing their true potential and examining the best eSignature software.


How Do Electronic Signatures Function?

First and foremost, one needs to understand what the key aspect of this article is. An eSignature is almost identical to your traditional handwritten autograph, except for one detail – it’s made using dedicated hardware and software, not plain paper. If you’re imagining some complicated machines and specific tools, you’re getting the concept totally wrong – an eSignature can be made using nothing but your finger and your smartphone. In the world of touchscreens, it’s only the software that matters – officials won’t recognize a signature that you make using a usual program for drawing. An eSignature software must comply with strict safety regulations as it handles valuable personal information.

Why Choose eSignatures over Conventional Solutions?

The nature of eSignatures is quite clear, but why are they praised so much? Well, there are several good reasons for it:

  • First of all, eSignatures make business processes more efficient. Transferring a physical document to your client who must sign it may take hours or be impossible at all (if your client is in Europe, while you are in the US, for instance). Documents signed electronically are transferred as fast as your emails – within seconds.
  • Speaking of efficiency, what if you need to make a change to a document? A typo, a mistake in numbers, or a misspelled name would require you to go through the same steps again – print out the document, send it to the client, wait for their response, check if everything is alright, and so on. eSignatures eliminate these inconveniences as they allow you to make changes to documents whenever you need it and notify every person involved automatically.
  • They allow you to concentrate on developing your business. Rather than keeping your eye on routine paperwork, unleash your creativity and work on expanding your organization. Employees would appreciate this transition as well since their energy would be redirected to accomplish new, more useful tasks.

Introducing SignNow, the Best eSignature Software on the Market

Now that you are aware of the overall eSignatures’ potential, it’s time to go into the details and see why SignNow is better than its competitors. First and foremost, SignNow is trusted by people – the company has received a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, on the basis of 1000+ reviews (detailed ratings are available at Second, SignNow provides multiple features that its competitors are totally missing, such as live chat, a possibility to define allowed signature types, protection against hacker attacks, and many others. Finally, the company understands the need to make its products simple to use and affordable. You’ll find flexible solutions for businesses of any scale on SignNow’s official website.

Safety First

When it comes to handling valuable information, safety should be the primary concern. SignNow recognizes this need; so, it has ensured that its programs are protected against all types of threats, no matter nature and reasons that caused them. Virtual attacks are prevented through using near-real time replication of information, which allows for preserving data if one of the servers is currently unavailable. Physical on-sight security guarantees that unauthorized people won’t access the data storing facility. These claims are not just mere words – SignNow possesses all necessary international certifications, from PCI DSS to HIPAA.

Convenient Interface, Simple Design, and Powerful Engine Behind Them

Decent software should be available to anyone, no matter how good a person is with computers. If you can understand how a certain app functions just by looking at it, this app is probably worth checking out. SignNow’s interface was designed to be as simple to comprehend as possible. All elements of the app are conveniently organized to provide you with the necessary information. If you need access to more advanced tools, a few clicks will open the required control panels, allowing you to manage every aspect of the document.

The engine behind SignNow’s software is what makes it so powerful yet so simple. The API used by the company’s engineers is built upon the principles of REST architecture. It’s available for testing at no cost; just provide your email address, create a Sandbox account, and enjoy unlimited testing. You don’t need to reveal any personal information or contact the company’s representatives. G2Crowd members have highly rated this and other features of SignNow, giving it a 4.6 rating. Check out for more information.

SignNow on Mobile Platforms

Sooner or later, mobile devices will replace desktop solutions, and SignNow ensures that you will be well-prepared for this transition. Its software works seamlessly on IOS and Android devices, giving users capabilities unseen on PCs. For instance, you can draw a signature right on the screen of your device and immediately send the document wherever needed. Using eSignatures on mobile platforms allows you to stay with your business and manage the workflows even from remote locations, at any time and place on Earth. SignNow is integrated into all other widespread business apps, from MS Office to Salesforce; so, using the service won’t require you to change your favorite software.

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