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9 Must Have Digital Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Struggling to find a gift for a certain someone this Christmas? Don’t worry! The digital experts at Champions Digital have collated a list of our favourite tech gifts that will bring tidings of joy to all tech lovers!

PlayStation VR
For the gamers…

the PlayStation VR is a 360-degree gaming experience bringing the world of virtual reality to your fingertips and, while not compromising on quality, it is quite cheap!

With a comfortably fitting headset complete with earphones, you will truly feel like your living room has transformed into one of the many games to offer. Not only can you play regular PS4 games through the VR headset, but you can also stick on your favourite film and have a truly cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Playstation VR is a great Christmas present for the gamer in your household, however with plenty of fun games fit for the whole family, it is something for everyone to get involved in. Put the Monopoly board away and gather the family around the TV after your turkey dinner this year!

Apple Watch Series 4
For the Apple lover…

The fourth generation of the Apple Watch is here, and with a better performance, a bigger screen, improved sensors and improved fitness features, it’s no surprise that it is taking a proud place on this year’s wish list.

So, what is so different?

The bigger screen brings larger text and buttons; minimising those annoying mistakes and making features such as Maps more practical and user friendly. Make quality calls with its improved cellular capability and hear better with the new and improved speaker which is 50 percent louder than the Series 3.

The improved detection of physical activity also brings the Apple Watch up to par with the likes of Fitbit and Garmin. The new model also sends an alert if it detects a fall in activity, this can be dismissed or used to call emergency services. If you don’t respond within a minute it can automatically make that call, which can be a great insurance for all, especially elderly users. Just when we think Apple couldn’t surely add anything else, here we are!

Lego Vestas Wind Turbine
For the Lego-lover or just that person who is always itching to get started on their next project

This is perfect for them to get their teeth stuck into! In partnership with Vestas, this motorised model provides a challenging but enjoyable build and would make a great ornamental display for the home or desk. Manufactured from sustainably sourced plastic, this build celebrates a traditional wind turbine and sparks conversation on how you can do your bit for the planet. With over 800 pieces, this will certainly keep that Lego-lover quiet for a while.

Amazon Echo Plus
For the homebody…

If you haven’t already introduced Alexa into your home, what are you waiting for? The Amazon Echo Plus can do just about anything, ask Alexa to switch on the lights, turn on a plug, play music, check the weather, set alarms and many more all through voice control. Its sleek design will fit in with any interior, making it a home must-have.

Fujifilm Instax Square Camera
For the ones that love to capture every moment…

the Fujifilm Instax camera has always been a favourite but now this is better than ever. The Hybrid model comes fit with a three-inch screen which allows you to preview and edit your snaps right at your fingertips.

With fun filters to choose from and many new features such as ‘motion mode’ and ‘collage’ you won’t be surprised by the fact you can also take videos with this pocket-sized gadget, save the video onto an SD card or find the frame you think is best and print it right there. A fun and easy way to capture and print your favourite photos.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
For the active one…

When a hamper of chocolate will not suffice for the fitness fanatic in your family, Fitbit’s newest smartwatch does the most when it comes to tracking your fitness.

With over four days of battery life, this Fitbit is sure to track your all-day activity with sleep tracking features plus 15+ Exercise Modes to track specific workouts even those in water due to its swim-proof ability. But not only can it track your own workouts, it can also be your guide with personalised on-screen workouts right on your wrist. This Fitbit comes in a range of colours with changeable straps for exactly what you need, whether that’s for it to be waterproof or to match an outfit, the possibilities are endless!

Furbo dog camera
For the one who can’t bear to be away from their pet…

Furbo Dog Camera allows you to see and interact with your dog from pretty much anywhere. Connected to your phone, you can check in on your dog at any time through the super clear camera fully equipped with night vision. Furbo can detect your dog barking and let you know so you can calm them down through the 2-way audio feature, and if that doesn’t work you can fill the Furbo with treats and release one at a time through the push of a button on the app. Your pooch will never be alone again.

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light
For the not-so morning person…

This alarm recreates a gradual sunrise for a natural wake-up call. Along with two natural sounds and an option to play the radio, you are guaranteed to feel fresher in the morning- I mean we all get out of bed a lot spritelier when the sun is shining. But we know these things can’t perform miracles, so there is still a snooze function.

Tile Pro Tracker with Replaceable Battery
For the one who loses everything…

Attach this handy little square to anything and you’ll never lose it again. Connected through an app on your phone, this tiny Bluetooth tracker rings with the push of a button so you can source it when it is out of sight… or if you have lost your phone press the tile to make your phone ping, even when it is on silent. It has a battery which is guaranteed to last a year and is easily replaceable. Let this handy little square help that forgetful someone.

So, there you have it, a list of the best digital tech gifts to fill those stockings things Christmas!

We have the digital elves at Champions Digital to thank for these great present ideas – why not go say hello and check out their range of Web, PPC and
SEO services designed to help brands grow online.

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