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Use iKeyMonitor Android Tracking App for Better Use of Technology

iKeyMonitor Android tracking app helps make parenting and employee management much more manageable than ever. Android phones are welcome and widely used by many people due to the reasonable price and multiple functions. However, some unwanted problems occur with the increasing popularity of Android phones, which triggers the necessity of using Android tracking apps in daily life.

Parental Control and Employee Management

In the current world where technology has replaced most of the traditional communication models, keeping up with children is no longer as easy as it was ten years ago. It is even more difficult because of the smartphone development and the availability of the internet where children are exposed to the larger world when they are still young.

Employers do not have it easy either. With the incorporation of technology, a myriad of challenges has also emerged as employees use company resources for purposes other than which they are intended. For instance, you provide employees with the latest Android phones for quicker communication with the customers. However, the staff may use these phones to play games, shop online, watch videos. Crazy.

In these cases, the availability of iKeyMonitor Android tracking app is no doubt a much welcome venture. They will significantly facilitate parental control and employee management. Unlike any other app, the app is unique in its ways. Once installed, it allows one to access another Android phone and track all its activities. Additionally, apart from tracking, one can have a record for future perusal should they need it.

From where parents stand, being able to read children’s text messages ensures that they are involved in children’s lives, and keeps kids safe from any cyberbullies and sexual predators that might be planning to take advantage of their innocence. For employers, keeping an eye on employees’ activities on the company-offered Android phones not only increases employee productivity but also decrease the potential risk of confidential leakage.

The Features of iKeyMonitor Android Tracking App

iKeyMonitor Android tracking app has quite many shining features which help parents remotely watch what children are doing and furthermore protect children from potential harms online.

Social Chats Logging

iKeyMonitor not only logs keystrokes and passwords entered on the target phone but also records chats in social apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and more apps. It’s helpful for parents to know about their kids’ social circles.

GPS Location

The ability of this Android tracking app to track the GPS location is a feature that any parent will find useful. It makes it easy for accountability and being aware of the child’s whereabouts.

Receive Logs by Email

The fact that iKeyMonitor records all the information gathered and sent them to the preset email is also advantageous because the employer tackles any arising issues from the point of knowledge and fact as opposed to hearsay. Any decisions made as a result are thus solid and can cushion the company from any lawsuits, and should there be any, the company legal team will have the facts on the table.

Geo-fencing Alerts

The other critical features of iKeyMonitor Android tracking app is the ability to set up Geo-fencing, where a parent or employer will tell if the target phone user crosses a geographical boundary.

Surrounding Recording

iKeyMonitor supports the recording of the phone surrounding, where one can listen to the voices around the target device and act accordingly.

Screen Time Limit

The feature of screen time limit is essential especially for parents who are away from home but would still want to control the amount of time the children spend on the android devices.

Automatic Screenshots

The feature of automatically capturing screenshots of mobile activities allows a user to view the screen activities on the phone more directly. It’s helpful for parents to know whether their kids experience cyber-bullying or pornography.

The above features are equally important for employers who are keen on the productivity of their staff. Apart from being ensuring that the devices function for the appropriate purposes, employers can keep track of the information sent outside the company.

In conclusion, iKeyMonitor Android tracking app has the features that are vital for both parental control and employee monitoring. The fact that all these activities are carried out incognito also further enhances its efficiency. Parenting is made easy despite all the other everyday challenges, and the children get the opportunity to enjoy their gadgets while still being under the control of their parents. While in supervision, employers can run their companies remotely with minimal effort. This app leaves them with more time to focus on more significant issues that will grow the company.

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Candy Watson is a self-employed writer who writes on mobile addiction, cyberbullying, internet security and parental control. If you want to know more about Android tracking, or parental control, visit her Twitter account to know more.

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