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Online Marketing SEO Course Reviews: Pros And Cons

Going through various methods available on the internet, you might have heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Not to confuse with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO does play a vital role in your business. Though it is beneficial, you also need to know its downsides.

It is impossible to learn everything about online marketing and apply them in just one sitting. You need to take them step-by-step and webmarketing123 is there to help you. For you to decide whether you’d go with it or not, we’ll determine its pros and cons.

Pros of Implementing SEO For Your Business

If you are just a start-up, you might hear that you should use SEO for effective marketing. You might doubt them at first but if you get to know everything about the strategy, you’d also prefer using it.

Here are some reasons why SEO is truly beneficial for your business.

1. Free Targeted Traffic

This is one of the most notable advantages of organic marketing like SEO. Unlike paid advertisements, it avoids interruptive and annoying methods of marketing. It focuses more on getting the customers’ resources so they’ll see where you can be more accessible.

2. Cost-effective Marketing

While many marketing strategies are still effective to generate leads, inbound strategies like SEO cost a lot less. You can perform link building and content generation, which is totally free. Thus, reducing your costs than paying for advertisements.

This solely relies on search engines and keywords of written content to generate traffic. This could lead to a considerable amount of visitors when done right, without paying too much.

3. Increased Site Visibility

When you use Search Engines for marketing, you can access a large number of visitors in a little amount of time. There are millions of searchers every hour that are looking for nearby businesses. It all boils down on how good you can create your content.

When done right, your site will be visible to search engines and let people navigate through the site easily. It is letting visitors find information on your website with ease and tell if you have what they need.

4. Exposure to Potential Customers

Every good business offers a solution or two on people’s common problems. Competition against other businesses makes finding customers even more difficult than before. SEO helps you rise above other competitors and reaches to more potential customers finding a solution.

In the status quo, search engines have included users’ experience to determine website’s quality. This means that search results are now dependent, to their best estimation, on the searcher’s need for answers and determining certain website answers to their queries.

5. Brand Awareness

Businesses that effectively use SEO tends to leave a mark for their customers. This results in building reliability to new and existing customers. As time passes, customers will incorporate your website to a product, resulting in more leads.

As searchers are always ready to buy, they will tend to remember a website that has a good reputation to its name. Sometimes, customers will make your site as the brand of the product they are looking for, which then leads to recommendations to even more customers.

Cons of Implementing SEO For Your Business

While SEO is a promising way of promoting business growth, you should not expect to get it that easy. Just like any other marketing strategies, it has drawbacks.

Even with drawbacks, you can use these to create awareness of what to expect and use it to your advantage.

1. Results Take Time

SEO mainly includes creating content for search engines to pick up and show results to searchers. One thing to note here is that this does not happen overnight. Since search engines are looking for reliable contents, you need to create fresh contents regularly to make it to the top.

It is not a good choice for businesses looking for immediate results on their campaign. This is why there are SEO experts to determine the optimal conditions to generate content for search engines to pick up.

2. No Guaranteed Prospects

Aside from taking too much time to get results, SEO is never guaranteed to give traffic and prospects. This is solely because you have to compete against a large number of existing competitors.

The primary goal is to land on the first page of search engine results, as most users will not continue to the next few pages. Taking into various businesses in consideration, you need to do better than most of them to get your spot.

3. Consistent Search Engines Algorithm Updates

If you cannot keep up with the latest trends and varying needs of customers, SEO will never work for you. It requires consistent and up-to-date information about the algorithms of search engines. With SEO done well, your business will continue to show in the search engine results.

Search engines mainly differ from the algorithms they use to show results on their pages. With their strict rules and regulation, search engines penalise websites who do not follow with their conditions. Most importantly, they make updates without prior notice and it is your responsibility to meet their conditions if you do not want your content taken away from their page results.

The Bottom Line

Concerning online marketing, SEO stays on top as the best source of traffic for different businesses. Knowing the pros and cons, you can balance how you would implement SEO to your business for your business growth. In this competitive market, it is best to mix things up and implement as many strategies as you can.

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