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How to Start an Adult Site Business as a Common Man

I recently met an adult webmaster who is oblivious to the process of starting a porn website. He has tremendous expertise and an industry experience of 5 years in adult affiliate marketing. However, he had little knowledge of setting up a porn site. 5 years of adult industry experience isn’t a one-off drive. He has been at it for almost half a decade! Yet, he knew nothing about the process of starting a porn website. This came as a big surprise and shock. Believe me, my eyeballs almost popped out of my sockets.

He asked me a couple of questions – how to make a porn site? And how to make a porn tube site?

After 5 minutes, the initial shock died down. I reflected. It struck me that there are several thousands of adult webmasters who do not know how to start a porn website. For their reading, I have this detailed yet lucid article on how to start your own porn site.

Read on.

#1: Choose an un-exploited niche

A vast majority of porn businesses are niche-oriented. In other words, it’s profitable to target weakly exploited niches.

There’s a lot of science. Let me explain.

Niche sites perform better because the adult content is geared towards a few keywords. SEO benefits are many. Right from keyword rich domain names and optimized headers to keyword rich internal links, every aspect of SEO can be handled effectively.

It’s easy to create sub-niches. For example, if you are setting up an Ebony niche site and have a ‘Bald Pussy’ category page, internal linking can be optimized. Moreover, niche sites can be coupled with niche affiliate offers. It’s a very well-known fact that niche adult sites receive quality and targeted traffic. And yes, social media promotion is effortlessly easy for niche sites.

#2: Choose a domain name

I personally prefer .com top level domains. .com domains have great universal visibility.

Domain name should be relevant. For instance, if you are setting up a porn site that deals in Latinas, domain name should be something like

Hope you are getting the drift. Domain names shouldn’t be complex. They should be easy to remember.

Check for the availability of your favorite domain name. If it’s available and affordable, just go get it.

#3: Adult Hosting

High performing hosting solutions aren’t affordable. More often than not, affordable hosting solutions aren’t high performing.

Is there a way around? Is there any middle-ground?

Let me give you some expert adult hosting advice.

Shared hosting isn’t good for big businesses. Thing big. More importantly, think long term.

VPS hosting isn’t suggested either. VPS hosting is also similar to shared hosting. Customers will still be sharing the same VPS server. However, they have more control and better access to larger portions of the same server. If you are a start-up with budget constraints, you may consider VPS hosting.

Dedicated hosting – This is my favorite choice. Customers have supreme control over their hosting architecture. They are at liberty to customize their security systems. Dedicated hosting solutions have top-notch hardware and round-the-clock support.

The most important factors to consider when shopping for an adult hosting solution are storage, bandwidth, support, price, hardware, uptime (at-least 99.98%) and performance. Other factors worth exploring are advertising credits, free website builder software, perks such as free upgrades, etc.

Many industry influencers, growth hackers and serial entrepreneurs recommend M3 Server. M3 Server is affordable and top-notch.

#4: Adult Turnkey Software

To start your own porn site, I recommend to get yourself an adult turnkey script.

There are many adult turnkey solutions. However, not many turnkey scripts let you build scalable, high performing and highly customizable tube sites.

Here’s a quick run-down on features that an efficient adult turnkey script entails:

  • Responsive Web Design: Adult tube site looks perfect on various devices of different resolution
  • Scalable Architecture: Here’s an industry best practice – Encoding and video streaming should be done on distributed servers. Adult tube sites should be horizontally scalable to handle unprecedented volumes of internet traffic
  • Sophisticated Video Player: Multiple videos of multiple formats can be streamed effortlessly
  • Multilanguage System: If you are thinking of growing big, your adult tube site should go global. High performing adult turnkey scripts allow adult webmasters to add new languages from the admin panel.
  • Monetization Options: There’s no necessity of sticking to just one monetization channel. State-of-the-art adult turnkey solutions are loaded with multiple monetization channels such as subscriptions, membership based payments, ads – banners, pop under, pop-ups, in-video, etc.

Other must-have features:

  • Adult payment gateway integration
  • User engagement tools
  • Multiple streaming back-ends
  • Great technology stack
  • Great customization
  • User-intuitive user interface
  • Themed templates

My choice: xStreamer

#5: Adult Niche Content

There are two ways to produce content genuinely.

You can either hire amateurs, shoot porn, acquire complete content ownership rights and upload the adult content to your porn tube site.

Here’s another approach – Accost a few content production studios, provide your adult content requirements, purchase adult content and upload it to your adult tube site.

There’s little merit in grabbing videos from popular tube sites. You should provide unique and niche oriented content. Give your audience enough reasons to visit your website regularly.

Do not be a me-too site. In short: Avoid duplicate content.

#6: Drive traffic

Submit your adult tube site to adult directories. Do not build any private blogging networks. Just stick to fundamentals.

Promote your site in adult forums and social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Approach webcam models, amateur models and experienced porn professionals to tweet links to your content.

Use Reddit to your advantage. Focus on keywords and SEO.

Media-buying is an expensive proposition. If you have money, you can surely buy traffic.

#7: Generate profit

Once all of the above steps have been implemented you will start to see the cash flowing. Be sure to check out specialised banking requirements, in many countries traditional and mainstream banks will not want to work with business owners in high-risk industries such as adult entertainment.

That’s folks. I hope, dear readers, you had an amazing time reading this informative article on how to make a porn site. Do pull your socks up. If you have any queries or concerns, shoot them in the comments. I shall reply in a day or two.

May your gods always go with your efforts and dreams. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

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