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Advantages of Airtel Postpaid over Prepaid plans

The confusion between taking a postpaid or prepaid connection has always been there for majority of the customers. There are obviously pros and cons for both the plans, but as per reports, there are many prepaid customers who switch to postpaid plans every year. If you are also going to take a postpaid new connection any time soon, information on the advantages of Airtel postpaid connection will certainly help you.

Here we are listing some of the main advantages of postpaid connection that may help you make up your mind for converting your prepaid connection to Airtel postpaid:

  • Data and Calling: The foremost advantage of postpaid connection over prepaid is that there is unlimited data. You do not have to be bothered about using a certain limit of data on daily basis. You can instead use your data without stressing about the limit. This also means that there will very thin chances of interrupted data service, and you can even stream movies without any hiccups.
  • A lot of entertainment options: With a postpaid plan of INR 499, you get access to Netflix for three months, one-year Amazon Prime subscription, ZEE5 for a year, handset protection and much more. If we take these subscriptions separately, it will be worth INR 3000. This is something that you will not be able to enjoy with prepaid plans.
  • No fluctuations in tariff: The tariffs in prepaid plans have been found to be fluctuation in many occasions. However, it is not the same in postpaid plans. Once you take a postpaid plan, it is going to stay like that for a long period. Also, in case of any change, you will be notified by the customer care service.
  • Add-on connections: The Airtel postpaid new connection plans allow the customers to get add-on connections for their family members. This has proved to be money saving for many of the customers. Also, the main subscriber can pay the bill upon agreement of the family members using the connections.
  • Better for exigencies: For the customers who have ever faced a situation where they need to make an urgent call but do not have the necessary talk time can appreciate the option of always having the necessary means for making the calls. While prepaid plans can also provide this option there is also a chance of the validity getting expiered.
  • Less chances of exceeding your budget: With the postpaid plans the customers can have their monthly expenses and requirements mapped so that they can set a limit to the bill amount that they expect to get.

Airtel is one of the telecommunications brands that take extra initiatives to keep their customers happy and satisfied with the various range of plans. For the customers who are switching to an Airtel postpaid new connection online, the company also offers plenty of attractive plans. The postpaid plans have been found to be more promising for the customers who are making an effort to save some penny and providing a better value proposition.

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