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What’s the Danger in Big Data and How Can the Dangers Be Avoided?

With the multitude amount of the noisy data present in today’s world, it is very hard to handle and manage the data. With every possible source of the data & communication, there comes a huge amount of data that needs to be managed accordingly and Big Data has proven its worth accordingly.

Big Data has never failed itself in providing the best ways to manage and handle that huge amount of data. With sensational results for analyzing the given data, Big Data has led us to great advancements. But with great data coming great responsibilities and great risks. With the passing of time we have seen that Big Data has severed from several cyber attacks and several organizations and people have been suffering from the lack of security and accountability.

Dangers in Big Data

  1. Noise in DATA– Despite of being the fastest, Big Data has failed to give the best results in many organizations. This is due to the presence of the irrelevant data in their collection. This irrelevant data not only leads to increasing the amount of data to be analyzed, but also increases the cost of management, storage misuse and presence of outdated data in your repository.
  2. Lack of SECURITY – There have been times when even the analysts with Big Data certification have failed to check for the security based issues. Cybercrime being the theft king makes people shiver regarding the security of their data. Lack of security can lead to misuse and disclosure of your personal information. Even the most damaging data thefts of all time have been carried out on some well reputed organizations like Ebay, Evernote and Adobe.
  3. Privacy Control   – There is a big difference between security and privacy. Where security deals with the fact reboot if your data is protected or not from the outside thefts or robbery, privacy basically concerns you about the misuse of your data. There is no guarantee that even the analysts with Big Data certification won’t tamper your data or misuse it to their personal consent. Each and every person info of yours is being shared and somewhere stored which can be easily misused.
  4. Cost – Cost analysis is a big factor and as the data size is increasing the cost has been increasing exponentially. There are various factors which cost you during the whole procedure, including from storage cost to analyzing cost. Not only that, but hiring an analyst with a lack of Big Data certification can lead to a badly analyzed cost of the whole data management which in turn leads to costing you more.
  5. Bad Analystic Reports – a bad analysis report means a foul or wrong result of your data interpretation. This generally happens when you prefer going for an uncertified analyst rather than an analyst with a Big Data certification. For ex- any organization which sells an edible item with multiple flavors, it gets a foibly analyzed report may carry on producing a flavor being unlocked by the people. One of the google’s projects Flu Trends which was designed to accurately mark the outbreak of the flu based on search results failed to show the outcomes due to bad analyzing of the project.

Avoiding the dangers

  1. Establishment of some well formed cyber security organizations.
  2. Making proper enforcements to make Big Data abide the data protection laws.
  3. Hiring analysts with some proper Big Data certification.
  4. Particularity to the data needed for the analyzing and storage.
  5. A Pre-assessment of the outliers and data, causing Simpson’s Paradox.
  6. Using simple and decent algorithm for the analyzing of the data.
  7. Proper laws for the accountability of the algorithms used for analyzing.
  8. Prefer on making our BDT centers rather than using a third-party provider for it.
  9. Proper check on the unfair interpretation and discrimination done with any individual person or organization.

Need of the Hour

With the increasing amount of the data there is no way to escape the increasing need of Big Data. All you can do is that accept the need of it and safely go on with its regular use for the betterment of yourself. With the help of the Big Data providing organization and the Country’s laws you can implement the abiding regulations and policies, but every Big Data needs a professional analyst with some proper certification for appropriate analyzing.

There are various organizations which train the analysts to understand the proper analyzing, and optimization procedures of the Big Data along with a proper certification. So, if you are an analyst and you are confident account the fact that you can analyze and handle the huge amount of data, then it’s ok but if you doubt your skills and want to be a perfect analyst then don’t hesitate to contact these organizations for help and training.

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